Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Makes You Work Harder?

Everyone has "wants" versus their needs", but what makes us work harder for one thing versus another?

Well, read closely, because I have the answer to this mind-boggling qauestion and I would love to know what you all think as well.

Motivational Drive:

  1. Money
  2. Love
  3. Balance
  4. Career
  5. Children
  6. Education

These are the few motivational factors consistant of one's ability to try harder to achieve various successes. Everything in life needs to be given the same amount of equal effort in order to offer the level of balance one needs in everything performed on an even keel.

Let me know your thoughts.
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Life's Chaotic, But Everything Seems To Work Out

Life can be quite chaotic and more than just chaotic, it can be so much more that I can't even think of a word for right now, so I guess it would be best suited to say life can leave one quite speechless at times; however, even when life seems to tug and pull at us, we fight back. More so, life seems to work out and help produce miracles at those times when we feel we need them most and occur unexpectedly at that.

 Designed by Mandy Zadoorian

Miracles happen to those who are welcoming of them. Most don't even stop to think about what exists in life regarding miracles they have already been blessed with.
Think about your life each day to take stock of the amazing and outstanding miracles that have entered your life, only to help offer a fresh start beyond the horizon. The new beginning may not always been to a place anticipated before hand. The path may not have lingered into something even wanted or realized it was desired. Paths lead us all into different directions so we can see the higher meaning once we do finally reach the destination originally desired, even though it sets off kilter once in a while.

We all live and learn from mistakes made or destructive situations that have made us all better people for it. We may have never learned the "right way" to pursue a dream or desire, yet had we never pursued any path to drive down in the first place, then we would feel "stuck" in the same position we were never to see the bright light intended for us.

I, myself, have been going through a tough time at this point in my life, as we all do. We feel like we are the only ones experiencing moments of hopelessness and frustration and a loss of guidance in the massive world of woes. I know remaining optimistic of opportunities I have yet to see are well worth the patience I've put forth already. I know remaining positive will have the pay off, even though it may seem dim right now. I have figured out to look at the miracles I have truly been blessed with in my past to push me towards the one that awaits.

Friday, September 17, 2010


Ok, ok, ok....I finally came to a final decision on the title for my shop at Improve Life!!
I changed the gifts around a bit to ensure the best quality and quantity for the needs of those looking for the absolute sweetest deals around.
  • Every single product is solely hand-picked by yours truly. 
  • All are perfect for anyone, anytime and for any occasion.
  • A pretty sweet feature has also been added: When clicking on a products desired or of general interest, a comparison will appear providing other stores and competitor pricing so you KNOW these items placed into this blog are the best....or not. 
  • If an item's value is shown to be better somewhere else, you're in luck, because those products can still be purchased through the same page and link, without the hassle of opening a ton of sites and searching for something possibly not even in stock. If you know me, you know I am not one to waste my own time, let alone yours!

Thank you as always for the support and commenting on my blog...from who wants to see more of what to who wants to see less of something...Remember, I made this site for you and it is all of you that help me strive to do my best, each and everyday.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Thank A Friend Day" Today!

Today, I have considered it to be: 
"Happy Thank A Friend Day"

.925 Sterling Silver Best Friends Heart 16 MM x 15 MM Pendant CharmA good friend is there for you until the end of time...they always have been there and always will be. It is someone to laugh with, cry on their shoulder, go to for advice, learn valuable lessons from, including offer our lessons to in return. The best friend we have is generally the person we lean on for support through whatever obstacles life brings. We know if we call them, they would drop day and night t be there for us, because we do the same for them in their time of need.

Lucky Best Friends Ying Yang White Jade and Black Onyx Star Gemstones Friendship NecklacesOne encounters many things and instances in life enabling the heart to be wounded in more ways than one....a best friend is the one willing to stand by your side through it all.

Best Friend/Puzzle Piece Charm, Sterling SilverThink for a moment about the last time you felt a broken heart or needed someone so deeply to console your most intimate emotions...who did you go to? It's was probably your friend, the one you know better than they know themselves and vice verse. They are the one that can lift our smiles and sadness with the sound of their voice and gentle words.

Sterling Silver Best Friend Heart NecklaceOf course some friends will come and go, but a true friendship of loyalty and appreciation means more than having a thousand friends that never care to know who I truly am, never call to ask how I'm doing or show up to your house when you were too upset to even call to ask them, yet somehow they "just knew" by sensing something to be wrong.

Take a moment out to thank those friends who have been there through thick and thin to help us live happier and more productive lives, because we have them.

Large Break-Away Best Friends CharmThank you Jervana, for being there for me when I have needed you most. We have had so much fun through the past few years. We have shared tears, laughter, and various challenges that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful to be able to have a friend like you in my life and could never have asked for a more in regards to our loyal friendship. I believe we were meant to meet along the way and I thank God we did.

Dedicated Post: Jervana, my best friend and "twin"...Thanks buddy!!

I love you!

Who's the one that you will take a moment out to thank today for being your close friend through the years?

Thank you to all my all mean everything to me and I couldn't do it without you all!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

How To Stay Positive When Negativity Owns So Many

"Just stay positive" is what we hear as we grow from children into adults from teachers, parents and peers; however, why are some unable to grasp this concept, while others potentially take it for a great leap of faith? This is a belief that endures all other emotions and behaviors to the fullest degree. This boosts who we are and what we can offer within our life and those whom surround us with their presence.

A positive tone will most definitely set the bar for others, along with proving boundaries as limitless, whereas the negativity only encourages blocks and various barriers placed before us.

There is never a need to be negative when one can be positive and I understand that sounds more easily said than done. If one has the will to change thought processes and patterns, then it is possible to have comprehension beyond even the wildest of dreams and most surreal expectations.

Take a moment to think about those in your life, including yourself, that walk around without a simple smile or cruel verbiage with every encounter.

  • Is there someone in your life that tends to come to you for support each time they fail due to their negative nature as if they have a black cloud beaming over their head?
  • Does this person have the same, repeated cycle occur over and over producing more negativity over the years you have known them? 
  • Do you think about how your actions may reflect negatively to those you go to when a less then desirable result comes into your own life? 
  • How do you handle any  "successful failures"?
  • Does negativity weigh upon your attitude at the drop of a hat or are you able to brush it off and pursue your positive thought processes when an event or challenge goes differently than planned?
Below are the astounding results that were discovered through personal experience over the past 2 years relative to those thinking positively versus negatively and what benefits positive thinkers most:

  • Enjoy life more effectively, naturally, and fully
  • Rarely encounter depression from fear, doubt, or overwhelming, uncontrollable situations
  • More outgoing, more confident, and more able to effectively achieve goals
  • See the cup half full by understanding there is always a brighter side in the midst of a dark circumstance or situation
  • Offer a helping hand, purely, to serve as an empathetic ear in relation to compassion
  • Less stress factors by working through problems, rather than dwelling on things they cannot change
  • Motivated problem-solvers by at least attempting even the impossible solutions to dire answers
These vast, influential qualities allow others to maintain a sense of approachability that negative characteristics just will not and cannot allow. Positivism portrays such a mundane power of ones capabilities for personal drive and expectations.

Negativity has the ability to hold one back and potentially loose out on what is truly embraced with gratitude and appreciation. Never let another prevent positive happiness and limitless possibilities to prevent becoming a reality. Never settle for another negative thought enter and seclude the mind's positive balance in order to fulfill the heart's contentment.

(Article Published - September 11, 2010)

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Monday, September 6, 2010

A Thank You From Me To All Of You

I just wanted to take a moment out to thank all of the readers, all those who comment on my blog posts, my followers here and at The Blog, including all of the supporters I have behind me, and, of course, my family and friends that have always been there for me telling me to "shut up and do what you gotta happy and never settle!" I love honesty, without the "bs"...those are what "true friends" really are!!!

Over the past few months I have learned so much about how much people, compete strangers, really do care about lending a helping hand and friendly words of wisdom. That has meant more to me than all the money in the world and has proved to me how blessed we ALL are!

I thank you all from the bottom of my heart and will continue to do whatever I can to help others as I too have received assistance along this amazing, transformational journey.

I am grateful that I have been able to grasp so many great inspirations from those I've met over such a short period of time. I see great things and as long as I keep the best interests of others, including myself, within all that I do and in my heart. 
Stay positive and all rewards have the chance to exceed all expectations, in turn, creating extraordinary miracles we endure each and every day.

I consider life to be an awesome adventure that keeps going until one wants it to stop, but who wants that right? :)

As I have stated a million times...

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Our Senses Of Inspiration

The Greater GoodImage by cappndave via Flickr   "The Greater Good"-By Mandy Zadoorian-
Article Published at (Self-Realization Expert)

We have so many valuable things we are able to incorporate into our lives that can motivate our deepest inspirations. Think of each of our 5 senses to be a glorification of life. The use of these abilities are meant to be realized at a higher level for advantages of this concept to be understood for all they are. Some unfortunately, will never get the chance to reach or implement any of these opportunities as such. Our senses have the capacity to impact effects for miraculous discoveries to finally exist in our everyday routine.

Some will never have the element of joy involved with any abundance to feel or touch a flower or to even recognize any comprehension the sheer miracle of its creation of color and texture, because they have never been given the gift of sight. One who has never heard the sounds of a bird’s song as it sings to its mate, because they cannot hear or listened to an orchestra play as the conductor guides them through each note.. Have empathy for those who cannot have the option to smell or taste food’s extraordinary scent and ultimate enjoyment. Even one that endures no pain when they are hurt, because they have no sense of touch to feel any type of sensations.

For those that have each 5 gifts, know each is to be held high in the mind‘s golden thoughts to give a second smell or savor the food upon your tongue for a few more seconds that you had before. Think of those who will not get the same loves for them as you have.

Do you think twice while gazing at a harmonic sunset and completely wait until it falls beyond the horizon?

Are you one to listen to really hear those you love most of all in the world for just a few more moments to catch a glimmer of their voice speaking their heart felt words?

When one is ever doubting their own life and all they feel is forgotten and lost, will you be the one to be there reminding them how much their life is still in need of their body and mind by offering your kind words of wisdom and overall strength? Remind yourself to cherish the small items in life that have become missing elements completely erased from the mind, while shoveled to the side, such as the smell of freshly cut grass or the thick, humid air after a midnight Summer rain. Recall all the variations of ideas and contentment from earlier years, perhaps childhood. Embracing the scents and scenery when you were growing up and what had been possibly taken advantage of when you felt sad or frightened, to make you feel more alive and hopeful once again. Smell the safety of it all and the calmness it gave to you.

What was the reassuring light you had to cover thoughts of premature worry as a young boy or girl? When was the last time you felt no major concerns, as if that same worry was released from all thoughts, even if only for a second?

When did life consist of an utter sense of freedom? What was the meaning when life imposed no consumption of responsibly having less impact on the ever changing days that may be a concern today?

Resume the meaning to feel more empowered by today for all  present circumstances and release them into a goodness that now cannot be forgotten.

Where would you go when you wanted to escape from the world’s chaotic sirens of sound and shadows of a doubt? Is this the place or environment you gathered to feel more safe and protected? What could you smell? What was around you? Who was there with you? Were you alone?

Gather your thoughts together to recollect positions were you felt fear, yet were able to surround yourself in a better situation solely by the use of one of your senses. It may be from the smell or touch, the taste, or site or what you desired to hear that was able to repress your inner fear in order to defeat it. Our senses have been given to us, even if one does not have all their senses functional, whether it was from birth or lost throughout a time during life --- one must learn to use what we DO have to better and improve our lives to the highest degree as humanly possible.

Understanding anything we do or want or need is always originated by our senses. It may be a “sixth” sense, such as our intuition, but it is where the thoughts in our mind begin  and allow us to leap to the next step needed to attain and achieve every thing we do or don’t choose to accomplish.

We are all the same inside, we all bleed the red blood we were given with, we were all meant to see the greater good in life and the earth in which we live. However, if the world is not seen for its beauty and grace, then the meaning is missed. Life is missed out for what it was intended. All of the basic components within a lifetime are given to us as a precious gift that needs to be felt, smelled, seen, heard and tasted. It is all around us and it needs to be reminded of its voice.

The only question that remains --
Will you now use the senses within you to show others your true passions?

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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Loving Life As We Know It - My Dreams!

New Gold Dream...Image by law_keven via Flickr
How can one learn to LOVE LIFE AGAIN..What Dreams Need To Be Maintained or Sought After To Be Purely Happy?
I am only 27 years old know I have so much let tto offer the world nin terms of fulfilling my dreams. I wanted to list some of the things that mean more to me to accomplish more so than anything else in the dreams:

1. To be a great writer
2. Offer my advice to those that are not sure the direction to turn when they have reached their absolute bottom - Only know, cause I have been there myself and found my own ways out of the deepest holes

3. Explain to others how to welcome change and transformatrions into their daily routine once again

4. To have financial freedom 

5. To publish  an entire serious of my own books and travel around the world to promote it
6. To be a good mother to my son and give him all the support he needs so when he gets older he will KNOW he can do whatever he wants, as long as it is for the best for himself and those that surround him

7.  To continue (or eventually be) to be a good friend, wife (eventually), daughter, grandmother (we won't go there for about 20 more years..phew) and sister

8. To never let anyyhing hold me back from accomplishing my dreams...I WILL SUCCEED...

If I Fail....I Will Never Give Up!!
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