Intuition: The Gift

Designed By Mandy Zadoorian

Definition of INTUITION
1.) a. The act or faculty of knowing or sensing without the use of rational processes; immediate recognition. 
   b. Knowledge gained by the use of this faculty; a perceptive insight.
2.) A sense of something not evident or deducible; an impression.

What does INTUITION feel like?

Well, have you ever got a feeling in your stomach and think, "I have butterflies in my stomach", or a feeling in the pit of your stomach without a valid explanation? This is one of the most common sensations of YOUR INTUITION. 

When you feel anything, but unsure as to why your feeling it, your intuition talks to your subconscious mind to tell you what you should or should not do.

I have always been in tune with my intuition, not meaning that I always actually listen to it, but I know it's there and have learned to listen.

I mainly feel it when I'm in the middle of doing something random and begin think, "I should have rechecked this or done that differently or maybe shouldn't have done this at all". From experience, 9 times out of 10, I'm usually right to have gone with my initial instinct, rather then not.

Why I Chose This Topic?

Why I choose to add this into my site is simply, because I believe it has helped live a better, even safer life that I look forward to each day. I figured if this is such a beneficial and influential part of who I am, than why wouldn't I choose to share it?

So, I do this to educate those who want to learn about this subject and all of the capabilities that comes along with it.

How the Mind Recognizes INTUITION?

Most importantly, make sure you know how the mind recognizes thoughts. The subconscious mind basis every decision that one makes over and over with repeated thought patterns, including emotions felt from choices made that heightened ones reactions.

Remain balanced, in tune, and harmonic with emotions while making less threatening choices versus major, life-changing events that take place. Gain trust within yourself to know how to use your subconscious mind to conquer negative outcomes.

From pure repetitiveness from my personal experience, the mind has a tendency to play tricks. Any issue you are trying to be "in tune" with and the thought or answer comes  immediately, then the mind is playing tricks. .

The mind may trick you into thinking the answer is something it's not or it may be the right answer; however, it happened too quickly for the subconscious mind to conclude your thought patterns effectively.

This common saying, "it will come to you, just be patient", or something along those lines, it's surely a phrase most of us have all heard. The funny thing is completely true. Have patience and don't rush the answer to come to will "feel" when it's right.

When The Answers Come About From Intuition:

A sign or signal that stands out leading you to the answer
            > The feeling you get when someone mentions something similar     to what you need to know
            > A song comes on the radio and the answer is right on

When you're going about the daily routine and the thought enters randomly into your mind is doing this for a reason, to GIVE YOU THE ANSWER and/or to give a second dose of confirmation that may or may not have needed
I am sure they are more ways than not that others have used their own intuition and please share, but these are just some that I have found to help me the most.

How Can INTUITION Improve the Body and Mind?

Being intuitive can teach one more then just to be in tuned as I've stated a billion times already. It teaches you to listen to the mind, body and spirit as one entity, simultaneously.

Here are some identifiable ways to further benefit from intuitive instincts:

  • Gain trust within for the thoughts you have or feel or see more effectively..this will help you will more than just confidence
  • The capability to sharpen your mind
  • Your thoughts to be much more accurate and effective
  • How to read within yourself and your own patterns
  • Quicken your response time to everything!
  • Save your life or someone else
A great example of an experience I had around19 years old was when my parents had told me they were going to Paris for a trip. For some reason, from the day they told me up until the moment prior to their flight, I begged them not to go. I felt the most incredible feeling of anxiety I ever felt before and knew something wasn't right. Nonetheless, they ended up going and the second they went through the walk-way from the plane to the airport in Paris after landing, my father had began going blind in his right eye.

Over the next couple of hour all he could see was black...he was completely blind!! My mother rushed him to the nearest emergency room. Once they arrived at the hospital, a physician approached my father and diagnosed it as something to do with the hours they were on the flight, cabin pressure from the plane and the plane descending upon arrival. They were able to come back after about a week and my father retrieved his full eyesight back, but it was so random.

My parents had a ruined vacation that could have been prevented, maybe... The point being, that was the first time I truly began to listen to "me". I mentioned earlier that I have always been aware of it, but this incident guided me closer to actually understanding its concept fully. Since then, I haven't mastered it by any means, but I do know now what my mind is capable of with respects to my own intuition and trusting it.

I hope this content encourages readers to better perceive misconceptions of their own on this subject and feel inspired to begin trusting you own mind and what it has to offer.




Carol And Stacy said...

Great article on Intuition.
This is such an important topic. Everyone has the ability to tap in if they so choose. It's especially important to teach this to your children. Using your intuition can completely change the course of your life as you well know.
Here's an article we wrote on intuition.

Jen T said...

Good post. My intuition is strong but I seem to be ignoring until afterwards and then I see all the signs...ahh! Following you now. JenT

Mandy Zadoorian, Wannabe Writer said...

Thanks Jen! Glad you came by and liked this post! It took me a long time and I mean lllooonnnggg time, to trust my own intuition. It's only human to second guess ourselves from time to time and that was my biggest issue.

A good way I've also found to help with my intuition has been by asking questions I wouldn't know to someone else or guessing numbers. For example, I would have a friend write down 3 questions and then write down her answers on the same page, yet only one answer/question would be false. All 3 inquires were things I wouldn't know to be true or false, then by my intuition, I would guess which one was the false info she provided. Things like that helped me develop my daily means of trusting this gift we all have.

With numbers, I would have someone write down a number. Start low, like having them pick a # from 1-5, then use intuition to figure out the number they picked. Gradually go up...1-10, 1-20..etc.

Thanks again for coming by and hope to see you again real soon!