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  1. The Word IS Opportunity
  2. Changing Pessimistic Perspectives Into Optimistic Achievements
  3. Stop Assuming and Start Trusting
  4. One Person Has The Power To Make A Difference
  5. Selflessness Through Self-Sacrifice and Compassion
  6. Never Let Anyone Shatter Your Dreams
  7. There Is No Need To Worry
  8. Feel Empowerment To Change
  9. How To Stay Positive When Others Aren't
  10. A Smile For The Moment
  11. 5 Simple Transformations To Improve Life: Volumes 1-4 (Listed In Order)
The Word IS Opportunity
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published December 14, 2010

The very word I have come to embrace the sound is the same so many various individuals miss out or take for granted, some of which deny this word when it comes along each day!

It is the notion of endless possibilities to come and even conquer one‘s fears or doubts they may have once had. The term assists with the rise and perhaps the fall of many changes causing surmountable eruptions within a person of any age, gender, race, background or any common or unique denominator.

This word does not matter who you are, yet it will always keep in mind those seeking out its sometimes effortless potential of success and satisfaction. The achievements it brings are offered for the pure attempts to prove how possible the impossible can become and the how insistent the benefits really are.

The word will facilitate the resignation of the old for the new. This inclines such a major role in our life today and the moments still unforeseen for the future. Don’t misunderstand the light nature that may be perceived, because it only portrays a demand to be credited for its possibilities, not the impossible.    

The word has the ability to alter the course of one day to the next. This word written within the thick pages of our ”English Bible”, if you will, simply does not do justice for those who are empowered by its presence.

This commonly used terminology will not always stay bountiful or be subjected to positive, influential levels of abundance one may thought it would have if accepted for what it was intended for if the initial leap is never taken or hesitated. It will not always wait for those lacking the open arms it desperately requires.

Some even forfeit the nature of its gift without ever knowing what’s to be unraveled if they had just chosen to unwrap its contents to see what was underneath.

As we cannot breathe submerged in water, yet never think twice to take a breath in the open air, this concept too cannot breathe in the midst of those found sinking beneath their hermitage abode, yet will steer quickly and straight towards those who seek its purity and balance.

Moments not given into are the times one misses out on; therefore, maybe in those instances, ignorance potentially is bliss. The true fruition one can honor with an openness maybe never encounter is a serene endeavor to witness. That is what this word can provide to those having the positive perception of acceptance, without ever knowing that, the moment may be lost or distanced.

One may have to travel where the body has never traveled or the eyes have never seen in order to lock in its full and pure capabilities. The person, from that point on, must make their choice to stay upon their new path or just fall dead in its tracks.

All may never quite welcome its greatness, but hopefully one day all will see how “The Word Is Opportunity” that offers everything we need to be positive, loving, charismatic, outspoken, successful, and willing to provoke more surefooted outcomes.

The word is opportunity that gives one the life they demand, deserve and desire. The word is opportunity that provides what one never thought possible. The word is opportunity that leaves the future within the hands of the beholder.

The Word Is Opportunity - You may have it once, hear it once, see it once, but never miss out on its word it can voice to you.

Changing Pessimistic Perspectives Into Optimistic Achievements
Written By Mandy Zadoorian 
Published November 23, 2010

Primary initiation for an individual to halt pessimistic outlooks to achieve more than just an illusion of optimism is to denounce negativity.

Turning thought processes into a more constructive scenario through a positive perspective must be utilized. One must believe each problem can carry desired solutions to be successful ventures, rather than assuming the worst result.  

The issue is simple, control. One must control their mind to release positive or negative thoughts to change negative intents into more successful and vested conclusions.

Some are naturally optimistic and find each cup full of life. They tend to define events in more visual and reactive ways than that of a pessimistic persona. An optimist will analyze situations more thoroughly and focus more in a desirable outcome in order to achieve the highest level of any and every result.

Optimists do not dwell or worry, yet they will visualize and analyze situations more thoroughly to reap desired results. They believe in their actions, while setting aside fear from the overall objective that prevents abundance.

Pessimists will have fear, doubt or worry when something is out of their control, even when situations cannot be altered. Their belief of what is really possible to achieve is halted by adverse affects from the lack of mental strength and an open mind.

Pessimism individuals see obvious restraints to projects or issues, rather than looking beyond in order to see obvious solutions. Maybe a pessimistic attitude gives the meaning to “ignorance is bliss”. They prevent gathering facts to bring favorable events into play by failing to see beyond their own assumptions.

How can pessimism dissolve for optimism to burst forward?

Baby steps may be the best solution by simple changes to improve overall negativity for achievement of ever lasting results to come true.

This may sound easier said than done; however, one must begin to identify pro’s and con’s for each circumstance encountered. Set standards for determining a fresh mind for events. Raise the inner bar to improve words and thoughts into ongoing actions until the desired result is achieved.

Weigh benefits with solutions to prevent failure from the start before assuming the conclusion is deemed unsuccessful. Diving in for higher standards must be bargained within the mind by changing all “impossible” ideas into the possible.

One great way to get the boat moving is to document the overall purpose to solve specific problems occurring at the moment. Brainstorm the most beneficial, successful outcomes inclined to fit your needs, wants, and demands.

Document each step taken to get from point A to B by using your problem-solving capabilities. This needs to be detail-oriented documentation to understand if a mistake is made, it is okay and you are able to retrace where the issue lies. Be thorough and efficient through this process to attain the results wanting to see blossom.

The most difficult concept to gain optimism is keeping the will alive to have appreciation for overall work taken place when it seems so much easier to give up. Know the sole purpose of why and how solutions need to have beneficial results for personal and profession well-being. Stay focused by visualizing gratification upon completion. Remember each step forward is one step closer to significant rewards.

Aside from gathering solutions to issues with a fresh and positive mentality, there must grace towards each day by looking at the good you are surrounded by. If areas regarding work, home, or general day-to-day life are found to have room for improvement, then great, put forth actions to improve the well-being of those areas in your life as well.

Smile each day and look at the World as if it was your last day to be placed within its beauty. What can you improve, change, or even embrace right now to better welcome positive influences in life and within all that surrounds you?

Remind yourselves every problem has a solution. How one chooses to solve issues with positive reinforcement to gather the most productive actions that will reach the most beneficial rewards.

See for yourselves and witness how possible, the impossible really is!
How To Have Motivation, Persistence and the Ultimate Success For Your Life
Written By Mandy Zadoorian 
Published November 17, 2010
When one thinks of their motivation, they may think about what drives them to carry onward to maintain or complete an ultimate goal. Reaching inside yourself to actually find the motivation is not only the most crucial step, but can be complicated for some. If every challenge in life was easy, then they wouldn’t be called challenges. The “easy” button cannot be pushed or click a pair of red heels together either.

Taking stock of your motivational drive permit’s the equation of success to be more identifiable and overcome any obstacles with ease, more effectively. The fact is different individuals have a wide variety of motivating factors, but why do some tend to be significantly more driven than another? Why do some refrain from consistency of expanding and exceeding their own expectations?

Here are a few conclusions reached for the correlation of one lacking motivational persistence:
  • Inability to center and focus
  • Absence of plan and deprivation of an “imaginary action thought process
  • Conceptual ideas are not put into a process and/or followed through in sequence
  • Omits leadership qualities
  • Neglects an adventurous sense of desire to move forward
  • Reluctant to welcome change
  • Limits personal and professional potential

If one cannot center their primary focus on the core goal, then the achievement can either be procrastinated or be perceived as more of a challenge than it has originally been. Nonetheless, the map or plan of action is created solely by the person accruing doubt and fear. The plain worry can cause one to stop before even beginning; therefore, the mind is set for failure from the start.

Motivation can never be properly produced if one dreads proper processes to get to ensure motivational freedom and to eventually used easily for attainable goals. Accurate results become less likely to be achieved and can prove meaningless in the grand scheme when motivation is not a part of life.

The shear confidence has to be felt for the entire product or end result to turn into a concrete realization. Even visualizing the process as a whole can turn one away or make a person work harder than even imagined. One needs a surmountable will, including endurance, sense of inspiration and a primary motive for the angel of achievement.

Create a sense of balance and energy for motivational factors, meaning, never become overwhelmed or let the mind travel to the land of overload. Take necessary a time out if needed, but again, stay centered on the primary objective. Keep in the back of the mind if success is not reached the first time, then consider the fault of possible distractions that got the best of the situation and get up and try until the goal is accomplished.

A huge impact in all of our lives is how we retain information, learn, and put desires into action as children. A child’s eyes see the world through a separate set of lenses. We forget the courage and bravery children have.

Think of some of the most wild and crazy stunts tried until it was done perfectly, not to mention lived through. It is unbelievable this imperative mind frame is forgotten when adulthood suddenly sneaks up. Behaviors take on a new “status quo” .

Adults are expected not to speak or act child-like in any way, shape or form. I agree an amount of professionalism must be maintained in the workplace; however, no one lives at work 24/7., so to speak. Use the imagination to help create your own drive for success, just as children do to conquer anything standing in their way.

When one has a predetermined plan that is mentally put into action prior to physically being performed by actually doing, is what I refer to as “imaginary action thought process”. This thought process originates and plants into the minds practical perception for more visualization; therefore, since this takes place solely in one’s mind it has nothing to do with any physical or hands on capabilities, which is the point..

Such a mentally to produce the actions within the brain can prove effective in determining what one sees, feels, touches, smells and tastes once they arrive at their exclusive destination from beginning to end. Also, writing out from start to finish, which is the route I prefer over mentally performing my path of direction. At this point, the initiated intent is a more possible reality for final achievement.

One must be true to their underlying motivations in order for the goal to be absolutely effective. Asking oneself a number of burning questions may help identify the purity for the ambition seeker.

Consider these questions while in the mist of proceeding all potential outcomes and motivational factors:
  • Will this create an abundance of happiness once achieved?
  • Are there significant drawbacks impacting my loved ones or myself?
  • Will finances take a plunge? If so, what alternatives can be considered to proceed now?
  • Is there support from others needed to stay afloat?
  • Is there an element of doubt to potentially cause a loss of balance for motivational stride?
  • Are negative individuals influencing choices in the wrong direction?

Keeping all sight on the bigger picture will be the payoff some wait a lifetime for. Conclude that all motivations have been  Each person has means of adventure lurking to offer a sense of higher purpose, in order to make all desires reality.

Remember to eliminate all present and future barriers from having any limitations stand in the way of motivation. Those barriers only prevent the road to achievement to come in full to gather all the success desired.

Nothing is impossible when one accepts every challenge as a way to sharpen the mind and create freedom thought to once be impossible.

Are you ready to put your motivation into effect and grab what is missing in your life?

Stop Assuming and Start Trusting!
Written by Mandy Zadoorian 
Published November 9, 2010

Assumptions are made too often and ordinarily will not get anyone too far while trying to get to the bottom of most issues that arise. For some, assuming answers, rather than allowing facts to be discovered, can come naturally to an individual.

This person may have used this method for so long without ever fully comprehending the core source of why they assume or how others feel when the inclination is performed.

Underlying concerns may originate from an individual consistently and constantly always assuming the worst case scenario. This may have started from predisposed notions witnessed either early in life. Derivatives could also be from severe or minor levels of insecurity, a sense of control or release or a number of trust related problems one may have developed, such used as a defense mechanism.

I suppose if all humans were honest, then to ask and trust others would be more of a second nature. This would make life and all its chaotic moments that much more easy to grin and bare through. However, we all know this is not the case, but relying on trust within all inquiries must be initiated in order to figure out the fiction from fact.

The truth within regarding concerns should not matter whether the answer or inquiry is more serious or more meaningful than the next. The trust one must have for another will always outweigh the problematic tone and potential catastrophe brought forth by mere assumptions.

Knowing the factual information firsthand, rather than information stated by third party persons, would be thought of as common sense to most. This concept tends to be left underneath the dinner table for the dog to eat or for a later date when it is found to be molded and steaming with a foul smell. In other words, that of the purposeful truth is lost until normally found to late once the damage has been created without the hope of pressing any rewind button.

The mind has a tendency to play mind games and tricks, rather than gather the associated content needed to truly have a debatable and mature conversation with another human being.

The old saying goes, “Don’t assume, because you make an a - - out of me and an a - - out of you.” I believe this is true to the highest degree. Humiliation can be the emotion felt between both parties, especially if assumptions are made way above and beyond where the truth lies.

One making assumptions may not know how to accumulate collection of factual information. Or one may simply assume if they ask, then the other person would never tell the truth anyhow. This leads to bitter feelings when it comes to lack of trust and communicative skills in any type of relationship.

Think of jealousy and how a current or past boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife…etc has come to you with an assumption. They may have approached the situation without any comprehensive facts as far as the who, what, when, where, why or even the how. This person may have refused to let you justify any explanation as to what lay in the eyes of the truth.

Has that same individual presented their clear cut notion of “what really happened”, but never allowed you to state your case at that moment, nor in the future and the relationship ended or dissipated because of repetitive behaviors without improvements?

This unwillingness to have any thoughts of hearing you. It also is bound from disbelief that the simple truth is not that simple to be heard, no matter what that may be. When one makes an absolute incorrect conclusion it can be the most frustrating and overwhelming sense of disappointment.

Ultimately, the origin of the anger may feels on either end of the assumption could have been prevented with opening clearer lines of communication, patience and actively listening.

If one insists upon assuming, especially within any relationship, without the allowance of  verbalization, then consideration of the another route for the relationship’s destination may need to be filtered or started fresh.

Unless one is willing to make a personal change within their own emotions the fact of assuming will always present itself in insecure conditions causing unneeded conflicts. Stop assuming and start trusting or get out!

These abrupt circumstances could be avoided by complete trust and honesty, mutually, for one another instead of jumping to fictional opinions or beliefs.

Never make assumptions, but remember to set the truth free!

One Person Has the Power To Make A Difference
Written by Mandy Zadoorian 
Published November 5, 2010

Each person has the ability to make a difference in the World, yet without belief of personal potential, the changes are not as significant. The power to change and improvement the world can be jump-started for success when one appreciates the possibilities are truly unlimited.

After skimming through some random websites one day I had come across verbiage within a paragraph written, “…it is too hard for one person to ever make a difference in this world, so why try?…”. Regretfully, the person listed only as “anonymous”. I wanted to express to “anonymous” a rebuttal, yet also appreciation for the impact of inspiration this short sentence had provided me with at that moment.

As much as I wanted to dispute the comment I decided instead to make every effort to prove the statement to be fiercely incorrect. People do carry a natural willingness to make some type of difference each day, but sometimes this is given with unknown effort or cause.  The willingness to make a difference only has to be portrayed by one person. It does not have to be an entire army to back up the one man or woman in order to change the path of the rest of those who follow.

One person has the ability to facilitate positive influences. By recognizing the difference they feel need to be made and transformed, then they have all the power to incorporate their concept as an individual and produce the transformation into a wonderful reality.

Choices and decisions are made daily by humans and not all are thought out or devised plans for the greater good of mankind. The power of freewill can create the domino effect that enables the toppling over of you and those surrounding you. Some decisions may help others and some may absolutely damage. Whether the outcome from the original selection was intentional or not can cause unwanted results. Results can have severe consequences or the most gratifying rewards ever received.

Why do some feel they cannot possibly provide the surmountable assistance another may need or feel their help will never be enough?

If one is able to apply a sense of empathy, trust, and ethical values, then motives may contain more proportionate and a concise representation in the long run.  

There are various ways to make a difference in the world. Below are suggestions as to how each person can contribute in order to make a difference.  

  • Helping innocent lives for genuine, yet demanding causes, such as a foundations, charities, or the vast variety of organizations demanding various levels of help
  • Volunteer: Local schools, churches, hospitals, clubs, businesses or other organizations
  • Begin a fundraiser to raise money for a cause of your choice
  • Actor, radio personality, singer, or let your voice shine through words as a writer
  • Doctor, nurse, surgeon or general involvement within the medical field. There is an immense shortage of nurses and medical support staff currently in the United States
  • Serving your Country: Navy, Army, or Marines
  • Seminarian, Humanitarian, Biologist
  • Protect and serve: Firefighters, Policeman, or Security careers

There list above could be expressed with an unlimited amount of documentation to support and justify how much one person has the power within themselves to help in various ways. Endless resources are collecting dust to be utilized to help us, help others.

Devise a plan of action to get the involvement of others is ever found thinking to yourselves that what you have to offer is not enough. Implement an objective to help the progression of dreams, desires, positive, and influential changes to take place.

Make a promise to follow through with goals and honor them. Set ideas into stone and push forth the concrete reality desired to make a gratifying reality. Never prevent the mundane from being transformed into a more defined potential. Work on the Incorporation of encouragement for friends, family, colleagues, or others to also reap the rewards from the gift of help in order to enable their own magic to make a difference.  

Ask what is preventing the assistance and implementation of change you could provide right now.

Appreciate chances and all opportunities we truly do have to give back to the world we live in. Remember, a smile is a 100% free gesture that illuminates and radiates as a contagious moment from one person to the next. A smile is sometimes all it takes to make a difference today.

Selflessness Through Self-Sacrifice and Compassion
Written by Mandy Zadoorian 
Published October 7, 2010

Selflessness caters characteristics more profound within the human psyche than most others that can ever be described or expressed by an individual. One must completely engage their inner standers of compassion to aid another in moments of weakness or hopelessness. The merciful services rendered in absolute trust and self-sacrifice depicts the sheer intent for selflessness.

The honor, courage, and immaculate assistance is something all are fully capable of giving to another human being. It is a downright amazing feature we have  to hold within our core. The act of selflessness allows an everlasting level of moralistic and significant values of compassion deep inside the beholder.

There has either been or will be a space in time when each person must take and accept their duty to facilitate the needs of another. This may be demand on behalf of a friend, family member, acquaintance or a compete stranger. This is when the sheer action for selflessness and sense of self-sacrifice are in order to help in some way, shape, or form.

An uncanny sense of aim is reinforced to embody only the most sincere presence of compassion for those in need. These targeted, individuals, victims or traces of innocent life is seen often, maybe daily, for some. These people need an opportunity to be provided with assistance. Unfortunately, only a mere few are willing to accept the responsibility of this challenge to actually do anything..

Selflessly supplying someone with your own inner-strength, awareness, and ultimate power becomes the primary function self-sacrifice and has a sense similar to that of a hero. This action reflects one with a kind heart and pure motive to assist another without ever expecting or ever asking of anything in return.

Therefore, the million dollar question then becomes,  why are some reluctant to offer an abundance of assistance to another, versus those whom carry within the “hero-like” essence to rightfully bolt to anyone in need, no matter how significant the aid demands?

Character Representations below are believed to be the most common influences of reluctance:
  • Fear: Being afraid for personal safety or not trust loyal intention of those asking for assistance
  • Powerlessness: Feeling nothing can be done by their hand, lack of experience or knowledge
  • Selfishness: Normally a type of person that asks, “Why would I help this person?”
  • Insecurity: : Feeling incapable to provide resourceful aid or afraid their help is not satisfactory
  • Presumptuous: To assume “Someone else will help …”
So, how can one develop a surefooted approach to become an able-bodied member of society and overcome the reasons of “why not” , instead asking, “how” they can help?

Genuinely, all have the ability to produce reasonable aid to those carrying within a burden of any sort or a loss of faith to help themselves. To acquire a foundation for substantial selflessness is entirely related to the act of being able to release. One must make the choice to release their anger, powerlessness, insecurities, assumptions, doubt, fear and selfishness. Once these have been set aside for release, then the capacity to provide the gift of a helping hand becomes more profound.

Anyone can change their predisposed views to renew a balanced perception to then retrieve a level of power, trust, confidence and more of a positive, heart-felt motive for the newly discovered empowerment. Empathy is the psychological admiration humans have to visualize or modify our own perception to truly feel another persons’ point of view or circumstance. This can depict the wise wolf within a pack of thousands. This then embodies a willingness for selflessness though self-sacrifice and compassion.

Never Let Anyone Shatter Your Dreams
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published October 7, 2010

“Never let another shatter your dreams”! This is what we are told while, normally, very young, and perhaps, as we grow into our older years as well. The concept for this statement always remains the same  - It is still 100% true! As a child, I had no idea what this meant and I am sure that I was not the only one. As I matured, I realized these words had more meaning to them then meets the eye.

Who knew this sentence would hinder my negative outlook into something now golden, as if the light bulb finally turned on within my mind after so many years of being completely burnt out. I have never regretted anything in life, but years pass us by so quickly it may be hard to put time and effort into those things one really has the desire to accomplish. It is the choices we choose not to make that cause the wonder of what could have been.

There are so many others that envy another person’s successes. Some will go to great lengths to create the most extensive obstacles keeping another from achieving their ultimate dream. It is only up to one person never allow anyone to shatter the dream worked for so hard to still strive for achievement.

I have been in a predicament before when I wanted to do something from deep within my soul, yet I let another encourage me to shy away. I did something I no longer do. I listened to their negative advice persuading me out of what I really wanted to do in order to obtain my dreams.

I know now that no matter the cost, no matter whom else tries to interrupt my path to achievement, I will not stop to second guess my motives. It took me awhile, but I figured out I am here on this Earth to do something great, just as everyone else has been. My goal in life is to do whatever it takes to make someone else feel more empowered while enlightening the notion all life is worth living by setting forth a plan of action.

I try to express ways for one to transform their life into something more than the “norm”. Also, the anyone has the power to improve their live and the past does not effect a meaningful life for the future. I have always wanted to do something great for others in order to help them in anyway I could think of.

I am not sure why or where this sense of assistance came from, but it has been there as long as I can remember and I am not content or humble with my self unless I am giving help away to someone else.

It is almost as if I cannot feel complete if there is not a way to create a way for another to feel happiness for them self. This is why I choose to write inspirational pieces, among other positive articles as such. If I cannot meet you one-on-one, then please, I ask you to hear my genuine nature through my voice of words.

Unfortunately, achieving a dream can be shattered in an instance. It could be family, friends, counselor or another one looked to for support or any other reason. The problem being, these are all the people one needs in their life to say “anything is possible“, not that it’s not.

Each person can make their dream a reality with having the faith and know how by saying “I can“! Removing the words, “I can’t” need to be removed from every persons vocabulary and frankly, I think the dictionary as well; however, that is merely my personal opinion.

Dismiss all apprehensions, fears, doubts, especially the individuals invading potential. Only one person lets another individual within their life to prevent a dream. Only one can endure the heartache of an individual striping away what you want out of life. Only one can surpass previous failures to now welcome opportunities. Only one can create their own challenges to ultimately enter the world of a successful dreams made into a successful reality.

The only one is you!

There Is No Need To Worry
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published October 6, 2010

The act of worry is not anything to be taken lightly and is considered a major influence that enables a series of negative outcomes to become a reality. People tend to become out of tune with relationships, jobs, family and most importantly, themselves. Although it is human nature to be concerned at times the immense emotion boundaries of worry mostly lingers within and around key circumstances in which one has no control.

Worry does not care which person it intrudes; anyone can have an extremely abrupt and overwhelming sense of the emotion utterly overpower them. The instance will normally backlash with a bad case of vulnerability.  

From all the research performed by various psychologists, philosophers and elite scientists, worry has been found to only to be within human beings, opposed to animals or any other living organism with a brain.

Worrisome behaviors have overpowered human kind for centuries; however, there are methods to enable and adjust the mind from the routine thought patterns. These techniques can be quote effectively successful.

The shear consumption of worry causes a lack of ability to concentrate on daily tasks. A harsh realization related to resistance factors can implode into the life of a worry-filled individual. This can also determine one to halt their motivation and ability to move forward with, normally, everyday functions.

This behavior attributes to emotional mechanisms, in turn, developing into habitual progressions. One surrenders all clear cut balances they once had or could later still have yet, along with depressing positive outlook and perception, previously very comfortable with.

Comfort is a major defiance of worry, because anyone can get frustrated from a snag in routine matters and functions. However, one whom worries lacks the knowledge action from having the overbearing sense of hopelessness.

Differentiating an individual’s reality from fictional characteristics, now endured by worry, can be complex. One must learn how to reinforce a new way of thinking in order redeem the “emotional  norm” and stop emotional chaos dead in its tracks.

One must begin to trust in terms of positive thinking. Imagining a desired outcome by remembering what one once had, may now demand, or require for their future. Once the mind is able to comprehend more consistent notions that past cannot be changed, then the process to live in the present can help conclude a recovery process. Those willing to sacrifice the old mind set to for the new are more inclined to have a more quick passing of this issue.

One can then embark upon the unknown in a new light and feel a sense of freedom with profound empowerment maybe never witnessed prior. Recall all moments in life, up until today, to imagine all items you used to dwell upon. Ask yourselves could anything have been changed? Did I make it though the situation and if so, how?

A great example of how we were technically forced to release worry or anxiousness was while younger, in school. Each year, we grew and so did the schools, people, homework…etc. Schooling became more intense and more responsibility was asked of each student, including you. From a child’s eyes, some items provoked thoughts of too much difficulty to have even imagined, yet somehow, the mind and its power of persuasion helped most of us make it.

Reinforcement of growth and newly found inner-confidence provided us with the concepts that could be easily understood as children. This assisted a welcomed embrace for those new experiences and challenges. Even though it may have seemed awful while going through this, the mind allowed resolution of the worry and fear. It was then replaced with a level of drive for success.

When one has always submitted to worry from previous experiences in their life, then it is due to the mind reacting the only way it knows how. This reaction is accumulated by repetitive actions are produce the same results in similar situations each occurrence.

Below are some ideas to start changing the way you think in order to overcome the patterns of worry within your life:

  • Just breathe. Breathing is the brain and body’s natural defense mechanism to calm itself, more so the mind and heart
  • Visualize different scenarios for successful solutions or desired outcomes for the future
  • Map out a plan of action with the pros and cons of how the worry is consuming your life and solutions of how to simplify aspects of your day or life that impact the feelings of worry
  • Relaxation techniques through: Meditation, Yoga, More sleep, Talking to a professional or  friend to help find a source or the problem and potential resolution, Exercise,  Improve eating patterns and habits
Over  time, begin referencing back to the plan that you find to work best. Check to see how you have improved and what challenged you are still experiencing and how those items areas still seen as conflicting can be positively altered.

The only one that carrying the burden of worry is the only one that can exploit it, rid it, and tell it goodbye!

 Feel Empowerment To Change
Written By Mandy Zadoorian
Published September, 27, 2010

Know that only you have the power and great luxury to feel empowerment to change. To change the way we feel, see, hear, smell, taste the world’s overwhelming compassion is something to figure out how to embrace yourself. There are people wanting to change defined boundaries  they have placed for themselves,  but what in our mind can help the change we want become an influential reality?

The feeling of empowerment comes deep within the subconscious mind into the conscious state of being.  If one is having a battle between the subconscious and conscious state, it is not a bad thing; however, it proves the methods of repetitiveness are still lurking and fighting to stay above the surface. The only way to bring forward a definitive level of profound empowerment, one must realize the wants versus the needs. This includes  self-worth in achieving planned and executed goals to benefit achievement.

Change is a wonderful concept and is a necessity of daily life whether one wants it or not. The action put into motion for true alterations of the way we think and act is not always easy. People say things they do not always mean and do things they did not feel to be the right route for their needs.

So why do those individuals not change the way they put these two compatible techniques into the same bucket to work simultaneously?

The answer: 
One normally cannot fathom where the beginning the process has to be put into place to feel empowerment to change. The drive to do what they feel into a more positive act of doing, rather than thinking is a major error made. It is the ongoing struggle of metal slush preventing one from including change into their life. The processes we give motion to must move forward to stay on an even keel. One must be able to pride themselves with a more willing and balanced  mental and emotional status.

The only person blocking empowerment is you. You are the only one stopping the laughter and happiness from shining through. Your mind is so set in its ways, so to speak, that one key factor is forgotten - freewill!

We all have freewill to change the aspects of our lives to be more of whom we want to be. Everyone can feel more loved inside and out. Each person can be more excited about the day that lies ahead. Each of us can notice the sun radiating more profoundly than the day before it and the clouds presenting more glowing light through from the heavens above than yesterday. It is simple, physical and mental reactions of thinking that pronounce the ability to feel more, see more, smell more, taste more, and hear more.

Anyone can bring about empowerment freely with imagining what it is they desire to change. Begin to visualize each morning when you awake from a graceful sleep what it is that you want to accomplish today. Take soothing breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth each day to get ahead start.

Breathe in the positive energy and exhale any negative toxins out of the body to better improve the power of empowerment for a clear mind set.

How To Stay Positive When Others Aren't
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published September 11, 2010

"Just stay positive" is what we hear as we grow from children into adults from teachers, parents and peers; however, why are some unable to grasp this concept, while others potentially take it for a great leap of faith?

This is a belief that endures all other emotions and behaviors to the fullest degree. This boosts who we are and what we can offer within our life and those whom surround us with their presence. A positive tone will most definitely set the bar for others, along with proving boundaries as limitless, whereas negativity only encourages blocks and various barriers to be placed before us.

There is never a need to be negative when one can be positive and I understand that sounds more easily said than done, but this is quite true. If one has the will to change thought processes and patterns, then it is possible to have comprehension beyond even the wildest of dreams and surreal expectations.

Take a moment to think about those in your life, including yourself, that walk around without a simple smile or give the cold shoulder to other surrounding them. Maybe they even provide some type of cruel verbiage with every encounter of another as soon as their back turns. Do you know someone life this, maybe even more than one person?

Take a moment to ask yourselves:

  • Is there someone in your life that tends to come to you for support each time they fail due to their negative nature as if they have a black cloud beaming over their head?
  • Does this person have the same, repeated cycle occur over and over producing more negativity over the years you have known them? 
  • Do you think about how your actions may reflect negatively to those you go to when a less then desirable result comes into your own life? 
  • How do you handle any  "successful failures"?
  • Does negativity weigh upon your attitude at the drop of a hat or are you able to brush it off and pursue your positive thought processes when an event or challenge goes differently than planned?
Below are astounding and amazing results merely discovered through personal experiences over the past few years from being within a great management team.

  • Enjoy life more effectively, naturally, and fully
  • Rarely encounter depression from fear, doubt, or overwhelming, uncontrollable situations
  • More outgoing, more confident, and more able to effectively achieve goals
  • See the cup half full by understanding there is always a brighter side in the midst of a dark circumstance or situation
  • Offer a helping hand, purely, to serve as an empathetic ear in relation to compassion
  • Less stress factors by working through problems, rather than dwelling on things they cannot change
  • Motivated problem-solvers by at least attempting even the impossible solutions to dire answers
This is relative to those thinking positively versus negatively. The sheer essence a positive thinker proves their ability to enable so many others to be able to lean on them for support and guidance.  is able to provide to so many others

These vast, influential qualities allow others to maintain a sense of approachability that negative characteristics just will not and cannot allow. Positivism portrays such great power of ones capabilities for personal drive and expectations.

Negativity has a tendency to hold one back. Negative thinkers have the potential to loose out on opportunities, because they were already considering change as a failure before ever experienced. There is also a lack of appreciation and gratitude that assimilates hand and hand with this behavior, but if realized there is more opportunism and rewards are out there to be discovered, then one can still conquer the negative battle and get back up on their saddle to ride another day.

Never let another prevent your positive glow from shining out. Never let another prevent the happiness and limitless possibilities to prevent becoming a reality. Never settle for another negative thought enter and seclude your mind's positive balance in order to fulfill the heart's content.

Know you deserve the reap these opportunities and rewards if you can stay positive, no matter what the day brings or hold upon your lap.

A Smile For The Moment
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published August 26, 2010

Do we take for granted what a simple smile can offer? A smile is something heart-felt and should be demanded  to receive and offer as a sole gift of kindness.

What do you think when you see a stranger look at you, for only a moment, yet smile at you with a type of grace and almost gratitude? Does it bother you ? Do you turn around to make sure they are actually smiling at you or assume they have seen someone they know behind you? Or do you simply smile back with the same emotion they have given to you?

My inspiration for this article was while recently listening to one of my top ten favorite songs of all time, “Smile”, by Nat King Cole. I grew up listening to this powerful song, as I used to play it over and over and over again. It would set my mind at ease no matter how confined and awful my day was to give my mind the ability to smile or even laugh off the day.

It is so important to me to offer anyone a smile whether they need it or not. There is something about a smile that can uplift someone at there worst. You never know, a person could have been waiting all day for that “special” face to give up a tiny piece of their heart to them, even if only for one second, because that one second could have changed the entire frame of their day or week or even month.

When I lived in Indianapolis, Indiana, I recall smiling to be something of second nature. I was young, maybe even a little naive, but I gave every individual the same kindness that I always appreciate in return. I remember walking through the mall one afternoon, when I was about 12 years old, when I first smiled at complete stranger without getting the same consideration back. I was so upset, I nearly cried and asked myself if I had done something wrong or offended them somehow.

I later realized later that evening at home, not everyone can smile, nor cares trying to do so to someone they know, let alone another they don‘t. It hit me that one can not always be happy or glad to receive a gift as priceless and dignified as a smile.

When one is able to learn a smile is worth more than even one thousand words, than only then can that individual release their love and heart upon another. It is such a feeling I have come to realize as privileged to value my entire life and am honestly grateful for, so why are so many others not?

Throughout several phases of my life, I actually turned “smiling” into an experimental process of my own to figure out a ratio of about a hundred people. 

I sought out one hundred, unaware, human beings to see their reactions from receiving the gift of a smile from your truly. I found that only 48% smiled back at me. That is right, only 48%  shared a moment of bliss with me and to show me consideration and kindness.

A smile seems to no longer be enough for the desires one may seek; therefore, maybe never being able to comprehend it is their lack of offering a pleasing smile that prevents one from obtaining the peaceful life they seek. Maybe it is preventing them from the human happiness that is provided for those who welcome it.

If you have heard the “Smile” song, Nat King Cole came up with the most original, wonderfully put lyrics, all so carefully mended together with one another causing one‘s soul to quiver. He speaks of when a heart breaks, one  must smile. That alone is enough to grasp my attention. Think of this in terms of when you were at the hardest time of your life or maybe even going through it now and how grueling it was or is to get through.

It would have been hard to smile at the worst of times through whatever experience you were having at that time, but eventually, there was a smile put back upon your face. The face never loss the sense of how to create the smile, yet is was something that may have felt out of reach for that period. What do you think would have happened if you have smiled throughout the entire healing process, meaning to embrace the healing as a positive versus a negative?

Do you think you would have been able to overcome the issue at hand more effectively or even more quickly? Maybe or maybe not, but what if it was possible to meet a level of serenity from a heartbreaking experience from a mere smile, rather than experience the pain or trauma from it?

Ponder this the next time you have to go through a moment of weakness, emotional pain or turmoil and rather than having your mute button on upon your face, change the channel to a smile and embrace the feelings you are having. Something such as a delicate smile can give the attitude the grace it needs to get through even the most destructive of times. Remember how much your smile can help you or another you may not even know. A smile is the greatest gift one can ever give, so give it often.

5 Simple Transformations To Improve Life- Volume 1 of 4
Written By Mandy Zadoorian
Published August 20, 2010

I have managed several employees over the years and I'm always surprised with the amount struggling with change and the fear to transform particular areas of their job description or to even grasp new information.

The first week of one job in particular, I recall watching the staff to learn, specially, how they worked as a team and on their own. The same week, a few had come to me for advice. They asked with the assumption I would merely give the answer and they could simply be on their way. As a manager, that was not how I functioned.

I will always devise a path for guidance for staff, but to me it is much more important when one is able to discover the solutions on their own by performing research efficiently firsthand. I watched staff scurry to figure the answers from the inquires regarding what they asked of me. Once they had decided to put forth proper initiative, I suddenly saw the light bulbs above their heads flashed before my eyes.

The team had effectively provided an understanding and new found appreciation for doing something on their own; they found a way to transform assumptions into concrete processes of solutions. The next week, 4 team members stood in my office to thank me. They stated no one ever believed in them enough to identify problems, let alone to provide them tools needed to solve any on their own.  

1. Welcome each opportunity: Opportunities may come and go, but know the next is right around the corner so keep your eyes peeled. How will you ever know all the opportunity that awaits if one never opens their mind to excepting their potential is always nearby. Maintain a positive perspective and overcome negativity that may be associated with unknown outcomes of opportunities, meaning never make a decision or assumption within an opportunity until it has been experienced by you!

2. Help yourself before helping another: One cannot ever fully be of assistance to someone else without feeling love or respect for themselves. Do not ever give advise to another without being sure you do not need to take the same advise first and foremost. Trust to ask for help is okay and no one is perfect. Despite what may be the case, know there is always a potential for improvement to overcome self-loathing and animosity.

3. “Vent Vomit” Theory: I came up with the phrase “Vent Vomit”, as a clear cut way to identity and release thoughts through writing or talking about them. People can take the mind for granted and miss out on great ideas or notions, because they may have felt the concept to be insignificant.

In reality, this theory provides more openness within themselves. Concentrate on every aspect the mind portrays. The qualities, creativity, ideas, and thought processes are all aspects to be focused on more consciously, rather than be shunned or ignored. This can help overcome writers block and other areas of life that partake in battles of the brain enabling treatment or even a cure to stop, grasp the thoughts within the mind, and place them into action.

4. Keep the past in the past: The past is meant to teach the life lessons that prove to be important for future endeavors of all types. Those moments may take years to evolve and to realize what was supposed to be taken away from particular experiences.

Understanding past events such as, heartache, pain, or some sort of struggle, make one who they are in the present to signify all the purposes of why certain circumstances were created and lived through. Use the past as a prevention tool that is there to offer assistance to fix problems you face today.

5. Create and accept challenges: Challenges represent and encourage one to go the extra mile to provide a way to overcome fears and doubt for success. Challenges differentiate from opportunities by that of chance. One can ether take the opportunity to accept every challenge brought forth, or not.

Below is a formula better associating a visual of a "how to" formula to figure out how to challenge desired achievements to execute success:

*“Successful Challenge” Formula*
Brainstorm Challenges For Achievement + Planning and Mapping Needs To Reach An Objective + Execute Objective Completion = Success

Try new challenges to achieve as often as possible. If there is a desire to overcome a challenge know you can do so with the will inside. Remember to never quit, never give up, never doubt who you are or even why you are doing it. Always embrace every positive transformation encountered and become committed to surpassing your expectations.

To overcome aspects of life that may need types of alterations can seem out of reach for some; however, I discovered enhancements for one to make transformations seem more attainable for those to reap the power of personal and profession rewards. The benefits can improve day-to-day life with ease and consider limitless possibilities.

5 Simple Transformations To Improve Life- Volume Part 2 of 4
Written By Mandy Zadoorian
Published August 25, 2010

There are moments in each of our lives when we know small steps need to be taken in the hope to attain and maintain major, life changing outcomes and new abilities. The problem being, some are not sure what step needs to be taken to get actually get there.

1. Stay positive: There is never a need to be negative when one can be positive. Is there someone, a current person in your life, that comes to you for support each time they fail due to lack of being positive? Do you think about how your actions may reflect the same way when you try to maintain or gather success for yourself? Does this person in your life seem to have the same cycle occur over and over that then develops into them being more negative? Does their negatively then weigh on you as well?

Below are the astounding results found in those thinking positively versus negatively. 

(They portray such vast influential qualities allowing others to seek them for assistance)

  • Enjoy life more effectively, naturally, and fully
  • Rarely encounter depression from fear or overwhelming situations
  • More outgoing, more confident and  more able to effectively achieve goals
  • Offer a helping hand - purely and serve as an empathetic ear with more passion
  • Less stress factors by working through problems, rather than dwelling on things they cannot change
  • Motivated problem-solvers: Able to find or attempt to discover impossible answers
A positive mind is able to create and execute their challenges successfully by bringing the pure belief in themselves to reality for desired motives.
2. Practice to master meditation: Meditation can help one center their life more freely to become more centered in their overall mind and body. It is the most comprehensive chance the body and mind will have simultaneously in utter harmony. This technique allows one to reach a “state of being” after much practice and patience.

This step-by-step guide below id for those looking for a simple and effective method to grasp the meditative concepts. It can take weeks, months, or even years to master; therefore, keep practicing and do not give up and stay positive..

Mandy Zadoorian’s Step-By-Step Guide For Practicing Meditation
Note: Find methods that work best for you --- practice is encouraged.

Step #1. Find a place that is reduced from the world’s daily distractions. I recommend stretching prior to beginning. This will suit concentration.

Step #2. Sit down and begin to focus your mind and body. Make sure surroundings are comfortable and humble. Rid all distractions, although light music does help some. Learn comfort levels of your own to find the ultimate method for you with trial and error.

Step #3. Start by relaxing each body part one-by-one from the bottom of the feet to the top of the head. Visualize each body part to be individually relaxing and physically begin to do the same by loosing each part as visualizing. While coming closer to your head with each visualized step, the body is slowing letting go as if each body were separate entities from your body frame. At this point, one is becoming more limp, more passive, yet comfortable and aware. Begin to imagine the body, heart and mind to be to be one, while keeping in mind each part can successfully communicate with one another to maintain the level of contentment by easing idiosyncrasies.

Step #4. Once the body and mind are completely relaxed, you can do one of two things, have eyes opened or closed. Either way, staying awake is what is needed to acquire a total state of being, even if for only a moment. There can be a number of times one falls asleep, but do not become frustrated and use this as a tool for the future to learn from. It may be that simple changes of positioning or time of day need to be made when practicing if sleep becomes a major concern. Some focus with a candle, picture, or something incorporating centered mind frame.

If objects do not work well, then presume concentration on breathing each and every breath taken. Focus entire energy on exhaling and inhaling, while breathing in through the nose and out through the mouth repetitively and slowly.

Step #5: When you are finished, remember to gives thanks and appreciation for the moments your body, heart and mind spent together as one, even if the state was not accomplished this time. You will achieve medication if you practice often and remained centered.

3. Rewards: We have a tendency to forget who we are and that we too need an extra boost sometimes. Go shopping, get a massage, go to the movies or have date night with a buddy or partner, but whatever you choose to do have fun doing it. Do the rewarding activity as often as you can to give back to you! and do it as often as possible. This can reduce stress and get the mind of racing thoughts from the work or home day. A change of environment is key.

4. Trusting Intuition: Intuition speaks through the subconscious mind telling one what they should do or not do, although it is fully in the hands of every person to listen or not. One must learn to trust in themselves to reap the full rewards our intuition has to give. More importantly, make sure you know how the mind recognizes thoughts. The subconscious mind basis every decision one makes over and over with repeated thought patterns, including previous emotions. If one has an opened mind, then intuition is enabled and even heightened. Remain balanced and use the subconscious mind to conquer negative outcomes and/or thoughts. This can sharpen ones mind to assist with thoughts to be more accurate and effective after one begins to trust and listen to their voice.

5. Stop the Drama Factor: One chooses to cease the drama cycle within life or not. Drama comes from creating one’s own insecurities and keeping them upon the surface at others expense or their own. Negative individuals are not secure in how they feel about various areas of who they are/or probably want to being more positive, but do not know what direction to follow. Removing yourself from the equation is the only way to no longer give into others’ words of betrayal or insecurities onto you or even others whom you care about.

Using these transformation options are thought of as taking baby steps in the grand scheme of things, but one can gain so much more potential to their lives when small steps are made, in turn, gaining massive benefits and rewards for their mind, body, and soul.

5 Simple Transformations To Improve Life- Volume 3 of 4
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published August 27, 2010

There are so many chances one has to transform and change the various assortment of events that take place within the mind, from how it perceives the day to day functions to how it perceives oneself. These transformations feature an array of diverse inner layers and can be thought of as a start and finish or an opening and closure. What is filled in the middle is up to only the beholder of those thoughts and actions.

Day in and day out, the mind makes choices or doesn't. Since everyday brings new decisions of all sorts, then think of tomorrow as a second chance. Measure life as a routine state of order awaiting some type of mixture or spices to be added into it. The same recipe exists in the brain - it needs to have extra ingredients to keep stay motivated, inspired and given constant stimulation. The possibilities are the smorgasbord to the diverse collection of opportunities.

When the meal of the mind is properly "mixed", then it has learned new transformations from fresh stimuli.

Below are some of the ways the inner mixture of the mind needs to realize in order to maintain growth and consideration for new opportunities.

1. Empowering Inner Conversational Charisma: We all have  unique personalities to only us, but for those lacking confidence in the communication department within conversation, how can this be improved? This originates from how you speak to someone and how they perceive your content and vice verse.
Take a business or formal meeting as the perfect example. Research the company or individuals attending the meeting or function. Distinctively present knowledge of who they are or what the company's objectives are found to be. Calming be almost excited about what you speak, meaning, sound educated and confident of what you communicate to the recipient.

Charismatic individuals can initiate and implement new ideas, potentially thought  while or prior to the conversation or introduction if the homework is efficiently researched. Lead by focusing and emphasizing similarities within each conversation that you have with others. Reflect upon each aspect of those conversations and review you own techniques by writing them down for future meeting to thrive for improvement. Even practice speaking in front of the mirror is you have to.

2. Exposing the Inner Child: Bring out the inner child held deep down. It must come out to play every chance it is given. Sometimes our inner child needs to come out to enjoy everyday life to be primarily be entertained and have a sense of freedom. We forget to have this part of our souls be freed to remind us how important fun really needs to be in our lives everyday.

Life is a playground and needs to be celebration as such. A child does not perceive or even understand the madness of a loaded job or an unruly boss, rather they enjoy life to the fullest degree without even the slightest nudge from another telling them they have to.

3. Focus Inner Desires: We all have inner desires needing to be fulfilled. Every dream can be made into reality when the effort and intention are based solely in regards to creating the reality out of love and a higher purpose. Deciding to give the vast amount of drive into the right direction for a specific desire is not always easy, but if that same demand is what is needed to bring forth the happiness you seek, then let it be. Give the desire every ounce of your being to make the dream happen as if it were magic.

Maybe you are truly happy with the makings of a different choice made than those thought of while young, wish is amazing. For the individuals that have still not found the n=one desire to make them most happy, more so than anything else in this world, then choose to make the effort today. It is a matter of putting every thought of your dream into action.

Even if you are having the worst day imaginable, just smile and think of the wants yet to be accomplished and begin to consume these new ideas as something to look forward to. This new experience has been waiting for you until the moment you felt ready.

4. Inner Spontaneity: How many times does one wish they could just stop whatever  they were doing, get up, and run as quick as possible not even concerned where their feet will take them? Perhaps just taking a trip to somewhere never yet traveled or a new activity never attempted prior. Or if ready for the next chapter of life, yet feel as though you already reached “The End” of your current life experiences or options right now, know there is always an alternative ending waiting. There are so many people, places, and things challenged to be seen, heard, or felt. Think of the moments you have nearly been agitated from the mundane.

A mysterious adventure and a pivotal phase lurks to be found. Surrender the experimental mind and physical being to seek the nature of your own spontaneous drive.

Each day, we have exquisite changes taking place and some may not be as we  necessarily hoped, but welcoming them all with love and grace is what makes it all worth it. Grasp every opportunity and give your inner self what it needs to complete life’s ongoing battle to survive for what comes next.

 5 Simple Transformations To Improve Life- Volume 4 of 4
Written by Mandy Zadoorian
Published September 7, 2010

Change is a complex idea that can cause some to quiver just from the word alone. Resistance reinforces the fear that goes hand and hand with change. "The fear of the unknown" is a phrase well known by most and how true it is. The newness of any given situation can be enough to either scare a person beyond belief or provide one with the courage to strive full speed ahead.

Over time, a willing individual can turn transformations into a heart felt, positive of experience. When we were in grade school, different occurrences happened each year - a new teacher, school, friends, but it was the comprehension of change that forced the ability to conquer each year. Accepting the fear can help one gain a kind of friendship with it, in turn, pushing one to move forward, inevitably.

1. Welcome every change for what it is: Be willing to express change as something great and never before seen by your eyes. New and fresh concepts and alterations are not always great, but how will one know if they never try. Have an open mind and maintain a positive mind for the potential that lies ahead by thinking of the abundance of opportunity and chance occurrences that can manifest from one, fearless leap in any direction, expect backwards of course.

The enemy of fear becomes a distraction, rather than an expectation of any sort. A closed mind cannot properly plant the seeds to make the mind blossom and then expect it to grow without a healthy base and drive to do so. This will only work when one is ready to release all bounds and show appreciation for what fear helped them overcome.

2. Stop the worry: Worrying is never a good emotion to dwell upon for anyone. The health risks alone associated with a worrisome nature can prevent enduring a happy and constructive life.

These are only some of associated results of worry to mention:
  • Headaches or migraines
  • Extreme turmoil can evolve into emotions, such as: Envy, jealously, fear, paranoia, despair, discouragement, self-hatred, abusive (verbal, physically, or mentally), doubt, irritability, panic, anxiety, and so many more
  • Lack or increase of appetite
  • Relationship complications/abuse - verbal or other
  • Nausea or G.I. issues
  • Muscle pain and/or weakness, overall fatigue
  • Rapid heart rate (tachycardia), dizziness, fainting, loss of consciousness
  • Coronary Artery Disease (CAD - prematurely) or even HEART ATTACKS
The above items mentioned should paint a serious and unhealthy picture for those whom are consumed by the state of worry. It is an emotion that can affect anyone, anytime.

Treatments, prevention techniques, and advice:
  • Think more positively: Lift the entire attitude realm by thinking of a positive time of life through memories or future events to come --- use the imagination, that is what it is there for
  • Seek serenity in nature or serene place, even a vacation
  • Smile and laugh at every opportunity
  • Visualize the “why” of worry or write out the pros and cons to physically evaluate the issue first hand
  • Seek support: Friends, family, counselor, therapist, Physiologist or any mental health professional to help better control the behavior and mental battle
More than likely, the worry is never as bad as it seems and sincere efforts to improve will not go unnoticed. Think to yourself as often as possible, "I will be okay and I can beat this". Make yourself believe these words and know giving up is not an option. You can succeed to be worry-free.

3. Relaxation: The word "relaxation" cannot be realized or even make one think "Relax! What's that?". Well, think of relaxation as such a major need in life just as we need water to survive. The chaos created either by us or for us can create stressful and unneeded moments that can be prevented if relaxation methods are practiced and preached.

Encourage inner abilities to rid the struggle and amplify the release of daily struggles to shed the barriers stress tends to cause.

Some relaxation techniques to practice incorporating into your life:
  • Meditate
  • Deep and Slow Breathing: Breathe slowly in through your nose and out through your mouth. These are referred to as "calming breaths". Continue to breathe this way until more calm and centered. This can help one achieve a more concentrated mind set.
  • Find a new hobby to force the entire mind to think into a new direction or mode of thinking. Do something without a lot of thought, unless it is something that works best for you, yet make this hobby accessible.
  • Soothing music
Fulfill inner relaxation needs the body and mind deserve and need to be humbled.

4. Sleep:  Without an adequate amount of sleep, then routine tasks or challenges that arise can become overwhelming. 7-8 hours of sleep is an adequate amount to attain the level of focus and concentration needed to conquer the day.

Some major issues lack of sleep can cause:
  • Motivation and concentration: This is a major concern for those who drive after a sleepless night or lack there of.
  • Irritability, anxious, depression, and sudden bouts of uncontrolled emotions,  such as laughter one moment and anger another
  • Muscle weakness and overall fatigue
  • Affect the brain’s ability to retain memories and information
  • Severe sleep deprivation can result in obesity, heart disease and premature mortality in some cases.
The risks are real, but can improve the quality and quantity of life. Take care of the mind and body to give it the sleep it needs to function the best it can as a result of sleeping well.

5. Elements of our senses: Smell, taste, touch, hear and see are all elements we need to cherish. Each of these 5 senses reveal a level of cognizance ranging to a higher power that we are fortunate to have been provided. Every sense is a gift and a blessing.

When was the sunset last watched up to the moment the sun went below the horizon?

When did you last stand outside to gaze at the nature we have been blessed with and feel the wind brush along your body?

When was the last time you sat outside to listen to birds sing?

When were a few extra moments taken to smell flowers?

When did you last sit to eat a meal and simply savored the food?

Please ask yourselves these types of questions to remember the importance each of our senses provide. Our senses are gifts to be treated as such.

***I encourage thoughts, comments, ideas or any other feedback***
I welcome and honor the opinions of you, my readers, followers, and friends, to improve content or even other personal experiences of success from overcoming emotional, mental or physical limitations that has now IMPROVED YOUR LIFE!

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