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The Rain Came

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Let's Be Positive!!!

Positive Thinkers....Why Do They Get To Have All the Fun?

I'm going to to be very frank with you and tell you that I used to be one of the most negative people to have ever walked the earth; however, I do still have a tendency to have it periodically prior to kicking myself in the butt about 4 or 5 times until I am able to snap out of it. I have started becoming a more positive thinker for any given situation and it has done so much for me. 

Below, I have listed some of the qualities a positive thinker has in their corner working for them each step of the way opposed to a negative thinker. Please refer to the following:

  1. Enjoy life more effectively, naturally and fully
  2. Rarely encounter depression, fear or overwhelming situations as much as a negative thinker would
  3. More outgoing, confident and achieve goals more effectively
  4. See the cup half full
  5. People tend to rely on them more or go to them for advice
  6. Less stress factors
  7. Problem-Solvers
A positive mind frame can help one to feel more outgoing and confident and able to achieve goals set, because they believe it's possible, rather than letting negatively take over; therefore, preventing a successful outcome. Just apply yourself.

If you can apply yourself in everything you do and know that positive changes or decision you make are what makes you life more fulfilling, then the more benefits you can welcome. Think of the word, "positive' and what it really means. Being a positive person can mean, mainly, that you tend to be generally a more effective person. You can be your efforts into play by enforcing effective results.

The major reason we stress out in particular situations is simple, we carry fear of the unknown. Fear and stress are derivatives of negative thinking, because something festers within us feeding on the fear making us feel as though we have limitations. Think of when you apply for a job, go on the interview and think to yourself how well it went. A positive person will of course want the job, but they won't just feel, they will know they got the job by making themselves believe it through thinking positively.

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Motivation For Me...

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How I Use Motivation

No one ever wants to be pressured or feel forced in making a decisions, let alone ones they may not want to make. Most need to truly want or need something to bring forth to set a sense of what their motivation is to consist of, although, that same want or need is something that is is best to be a requirement versus a materialistic want. For example, I know I need to make enough money to pay my bills and keep food on the table for my son, but I want to go shopping everyday. You get the idea, right? 

In this post, I felt portraying to readers what motivates me the most could offer a second for you to please take the opportunity to share with me what motivates you most. 

 I am motivated to ensure...
  • My family is happy and humble
  • I am happy and humble
  • I'm able to continue to discover new and exciting ways of challenging myself every chance I get in order to continue learning and accomplishing goals I would have otherwise never have had the ability to to achieve had I not applied myself
  • Proving to myself I can conquer those goals when I put my mind to it, only when I apply my mind and focus 100%
  • Overcome impossible feats and surpass expectations
  • If mistakes are made I know that I will learn and grow from them, while embracing each error as they come. I have finally realized how important this truly is. You're never too old to learn new, innovating information and gain a further sense of confidence with yourself.
  • I'm able to look back at each experience and use every one as an inspirational tool.
Life can be lived fully, happily, and effectively only when you truly feel and understand what motivates you the most and make your motivation a reality by focusing on the motivation factors and how you can achieve your goals from its utilization?

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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Meditation Information Located Within This Site

Labels Within Posts for Meditation Guide Information

Meditation is the BEST form of EVERY RELAXATION technique or method I have ever tried...please try it for yourself  and let me know what you think.
 "Step By Step Meditation Guide"
This is content I have written on how I perform my own personal techniques and methods while I meditate each day. I have compiled 7 simple steps to follow. This is primarily for readers to get a feel for how meditation can be applied and practiced as much as possible.

"Meditation Helpful Links"
I researched and located a few of the top websites that can help all readers whose questions were not answered by me, other viewpoints, beginner guide, expert guide and routine "how to" steps you can further reference to should you need to at any time.

"Top 5 Meditation Questions"
I have taught quite a few people how I perform meditation. I compiled a few common questions and answers that I have been asked to give the best answers based upon my own experiences.

"Ezine Article on Health Benefits of Meditation"
Please write comments for areas within these post you feel more information should have been added or other information would be more relevant and I will be happy to review those comments to consider addition findings, links or content.

Awesome Meditation Products to Check Out
I wanted to make sure I offered some products below that can be of some excellent help for those who have trouble getting to their utmost comfort level and unable to grasp focus and concentration. As always, I have performed quite a bit of research prior to posting these and found them to be great tools in creating a serene environment and of great quality. Again, let me know 
what you think. :)
DreamTime Perfect Balance Zafu Cushion, Gold Brocade Dragons
Mobile Meditator Inflatable Meditation Cushion and Travel Pillow - Black
YogaAccessories (TM) Round Cotton Zafu Meditation Cushion - Maroon
Relaxation & Breathing for Meditation 
The Relaxation & Stress Reduction CD Program for Natural Stress Relief & Creating Calm in Your Life 
Backjack Meditation Chair, Color-Navy 

Chakra Healing: Guided Meditation and Guided Visualization Program

Thank you and, as always, I truly hope you enjoy,
Mandy Zadoorian

Ezine Article, "The Health Benefits of Meditation"

By Michelle Spencer

Just to be more relaxed each day is enormously valuable for our health. Meditation takes us one step further. Hundreds of.medical surveys support the contention that meditation is good for health. These are the most common findings.
Meditation releases muscular tension. This automatically relieves pain, increases mobility and lets the body relax.
The breath, the body fluids and the nerve impulses can flow more freely.
Meditation lowers high blood pressure. The release in muscular tension makes the body more pliable. The heart doesn't have to pump as hard to force the blood through the veins and arteries. When stressed, our blood becomes thick with cholesterol This thins out when we relax.
Meditation stimulates the immune system and the production of white blood cells. The immune system winds down when the body is stressed. The healing process works best when the body is relaxed or sleeping.
Meditation speeds recovery rates after illness or surgery. Meditation opens constricted air passages. It is particularly good for asthmatics or hayfever sufferers.
Meditation increases blood circulation to the digestive tract, the skin and the brain. When we are stressed, our digestive system shuts down. The blood supply is redirected into the big muscles for the "fight-or-flight" reflex. Meditation reverses this, and the digestive system can function efficiently again.
The flow of blood to the skin and the extremities can be directly experienced as a pleasant tingling when you relax. Improved circulation means the entire body is better fed with nutrients and waste products removed more efficiently.
Meditation dramatically affects hormonal activity. This is a complex finding that still needs interpretation. Obviously, the stress hormones diminish during meditation. However it also appears that a mediator's pattern of hormonal secretions is generally typical of someone five or ten years younger than themselves. This suggests that the physical stresses of age do not weigh so heavily on a meditator. Meditators are like people who are very fit.
There are many reasons why people learn how to meditate, but the health benefits of meditation are probably higher up most people lists than anything else. Find out how meditation can impact your life today.

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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meditation Links: Further Techniques and Tips For Further Resource Material

I have researched these and found them to be great tools if you need any further information on Meditation or if I'm unable to answer any comment posting questions.

Meditation Links

1. Meditation - Benefits of Meditation

2. Meditation Health Benefits and Stress Management

3. How To Meditate For Beginners: Videos

4. Learn To Meditate - Beginners Meditation

5. How To Meditate Deeply

6. Meditate with Zen Meditation

Meditaion: Top 5 Questions I'm Asked

Frequently Asked Questions: Top 5 Questions I’ve Been Asked About Meditation

***I hope these answer more questions you may have thought of while reading
“My Medi-Step Guide"***

Q. How Often Should I Meditate?
A. Meditate as often as you can. It reaps various rewards for the body, mind and spirit, along with making you more aware of your natural senses, increase concentration and focus. 
***See the last question for further benefits of Meditation***

Q. What Time Of The Day Should I Meditate?
A. In the morning seems to be the best time from my personal experience. Think of how your days begins versus how it ends, now think of how your mind feels in the morning and ask yourself what time of the day would you be less stressed? When you are able to meditate in the morning the mind has not entered the separate focus mode it goes off into while beginning the hustle and bustle throughout the day. You are at your most peaceful state (well, most are) before you even get out of bed and have less distractions than otherwise if one decided to perform or practice meditation before going to sleep. Also, you may have a tendency to fall asleep if this is done prior to crawling into bed.  

Q. Once I Get To “A State of Being”, How Long Will It Last?
A. It all depends on you and how often you are willing to practice, including how focused you can place your thoughts while preventing daily distractions from occurring. Please, again, keep in mind that it may take time and continue to practice. In the beginning, you may only have a few moments where you mind is able to be completely at ease or relaxed, but every moment will be worth it

Q. Why would I keep my eyes open?
A. The point is to NOT fall asleep, but to remain aware and still conscious of your surroundings. Most will have a natural instinct to fall asleep if their eyes are closed and concentrating on an appealing object of your choosing will usually work best, at least until you begin attaining a more comfort level for your awareness.

Q. What Are the Meditation Health Benefits?
A. I found a great website that listed several of these answers, please check this out for the full content, answers and other information relating to the benefits of meditation.
Here are some they have listed within their site:

  • Increases oxygen consumption
  • Reduces emotional distress
  • Deeper level of concentration
  • Increases mental strength
  • Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients
  • Stress reduction

Meditation - "My Medi-Step Guide"


This picture was quite inspiring to me...look at its detail orientation. Look at it very carefully and even concentrate on its can even enlarge this or go to the link under it to learn more about it. I encourage those whom are new at learning to acquire a meditative state to use this picture or something similar to let your mind carry you away.

What Do You Picture When You Think Of Meditation?

Maybe the idea you have is simply someone bowing their head, legs crossed, and holding their arms out with their fingers drawn together laying on their knees? Well, that's not exactly what I do; however, does work for some and maybe you as well.
I’m VERY EXCITIED to share with you how I am successfully able to conquer my “state of being”. It has taken me many years to achieve with trial and error and LOTS OF PRACTICE…you know what they say, “practice makes perfect”…it’s very true in this instance. Please remain patient and be sure to embrace all elements with being at one with your body and mind each and every time you practice meditation. Know that you WILL be able to discover techniques that work for you and don’t lose WILL succeed and need to continue reminding yourself of this every chance you get.
Please remember that I am merely sharing with readers how I do this and advice that has worked for me. The rest will be up to you, but know that I am here should you have questions or concerns while trying this on your own.

Meditation Technique I Use – “My Medi-Step Guide”

After you have discovered a relaxing area to practice then you need to learn how to use your breathing to your advantage. Make sure to not get frustrated if you're not able to do this for a while; it can take people years to master meditation and can be quit frustrating for most beginners, so please keep on it and you'll begin to notice the positive change it has on yourself.

Step #1.  
I recommend stretching out your body before starting to practice. Each part of your body will be more relaxed, loosened, and able to then surrender to your concentration.

Step #2. 
Sit down in a way that you know you can focus, be comfortable and most importantly, humbled by your surroundings.

Step #3. 
Start by relaxing each body part one-by-one from your toes to the top of your head. Visualize each body part, while physically calming each part as well. At this point you will be slowing letting go in order to relax and become more limp, yet comfortable. This will then let your body be within a more passive state. Imagine your mind and body as “one” as this portion of preparation.

Step #4. 
Positioning your body is one of the hardest things to achieve. Step 3 will help to overcome this physical battle, along with the stretching exercise from Step 1.  Find a position that works best and may only be found after several practice sessions. Only you will know when you feel the most at ease within your mind and body’s idiosyncrasies.

Step #5. 
Once you are more comfortable and your body and mind are completely relaxed, you can do one of two things.
#1: You can have your eyes open and simply concentrate on a candle, picture, or something  else that you find can help you focus without becoming distracted.
#2: You can close your eyes and simply concentrate on relaxing in general or your breathing, which brings me to Step 6.

Step #6:  
The best way that I am able to get to my meditative state is to CONCERTRATE
ONLY on breathing, slowing, in and out. I only focus on exhaling and inhaling, while breathing in through my nose and out through my mouth. I also focus on my stomach and chest going up and down with each contraction from each breath with my body. This is the main point when I am able to meditate and become within my state of complete being with myself.

Step #7: 
When I was first learning how to meditate someone had told me to be thankful once you finish with you meditation, whether you achieved the level you wanted to reach or not. You must learn how to appreciate the entire experience you had. Be fully gracious from the time your body and mind spent together as one for those moments.

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“Meditation Helpful Links” and “Meditation Top 5 Questions”.

Below, I have also added some Meditation CD's I think would be great to use for either beginners or for those wanting to have something to generally be able to be soothed or calmed from..check them out:)

Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace: A Guided Imagery Meditation for Physical & Spiritual Wellness
 Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace: A Guided Imagery Meditation for Physical & Spiritual Wellness 
Yoga Nidra Meditation CD: Extreme Relaxation of Conscious Deep Sleep 
Yoga Nidra Meditation CD: Extreme Relaxation of Conscious Deep Sleep 
Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love 
Guided Meditations: For Calmness, Awareness, and Love 

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Give Me Ideas!!

I still have a few more things that I am planning to add to my site, but they are in draft mode right now. I will keep you all in suspense for those, but I want to know what else you all want to see more of or less of for that matter. I want to make sure that I have covered as much ground that relates to me and the readers of this, please post comments and be as honest and detailed as you can!!

Thank you all..Happy Posting!