Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Let's Be Positive!!!

Positive Thinkers....Why Do They Get To Have All the Fun?

I'm going to to be very frank with you and tell you that I used to be one of the most negative people to have ever walked the earth; however, I do still have a tendency to have it periodically prior to kicking myself in the butt about 4 or 5 times until I am able to snap out of it. I have started becoming a more positive thinker for any given situation and it has done so much for me. 

Below, I have listed some of the qualities a positive thinker has in their corner working for them each step of the way opposed to a negative thinker. Please refer to the following:

  1. Enjoy life more effectively, naturally and fully
  2. Rarely encounter depression, fear or overwhelming situations as much as a negative thinker would
  3. More outgoing, confident and achieve goals more effectively
  4. See the cup half full
  5. People tend to rely on them more or go to them for advice
  6. Less stress factors
  7. Problem-Solvers
A positive mind frame can help one to feel more outgoing and confident and able to achieve goals set, because they believe it's possible, rather than letting negatively take over; therefore, preventing a successful outcome. Just apply yourself.

If you can apply yourself in everything you do and know that positive changes or decision you make are what makes you life more fulfilling, then the more benefits you can welcome. Think of the word, "positive' and what it really means. Being a positive person can mean, mainly, that you tend to be generally a more effective person. You can be your efforts into play by enforcing effective results.

The major reason we stress out in particular situations is simple, we carry fear of the unknown. Fear and stress are derivatives of negative thinking, because something festers within us feeding on the fear making us feel as though we have limitations. Think of when you apply for a job, go on the interview and think to yourself how well it went. A positive person will of course want the job, but they won't just feel, they will know they got the job by making themselves believe it through thinking positively.

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