Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Rain Came

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On Saturday, July 24th, 2010, it actually rained in Arizona, yes, it’s true. I had been cleaning our bedroom when I began to hear the thunderous roars and the small pitter-patter of rain droplets. I came out of my room, looked to my left to see my son sitting on his Daddy’s lap. Our son, Brennan, clinched his father‘s arms so tightly and trembled with fear from the loud calls of thunder. I walked towards them both and told Bren, “it’s only rain, don’t be frightened.” He then looked up at me with his big brown eyes and all he said to me was, “Mommy” and reached out for me to pick him up. I did, then he grasped me and held me so closely, as I did him and knew he felt safe. I walked over to the window and expressed to him how beautiful the rain was; the rain was there for the plants to be fed and without the rain the plants would not be as pretty or provide us with the air we need to breathe. He looked at me with utter mystery, an undeniable curiosity. Brennan stated, “the plants are thirsty Mommy?” Yes, my love, as I smiled and replied to his question. We walked over to our front door which are French glass doors and I sat him on my lap. I told him to look at the bushes , plants, the pool, the rain and to tell me what he saw. He looks through the doors and says “everything’s vet (wet) and plants are feeding, rain is pretty”. Then I told him, as it thundered, that God was only bowling to get the water down to the earth to keep it wet for a bit”. “Are you still frightened my love,” he says “no, Mommy, I like rain”. He let me go and watched it for another hour after I slowly walked away, relieved he had just overcome fear of the rain and thunder. He looked at me when the rain had stopped to tell me, “rain all done” and went to play with other toys around the house as simple as that.

This was a day I had to share, a day when our son no longer feared the rain…a change that happens each and everyday somewhere in the world. Changes of weather, situations, and daily alterations come into our lives each day that we unintentionally tend to fear more then other moments. These times will always come and go, but are needed for our daily growth, no matter what age. This was one of our son’s first major lessons of overcoming a fear he had from now understanding the change, shed the anxiety, and welcome it for the first time. He looked confident in his decision to embrace a new element of change from being able to conquer his fear.

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