Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Deja Vu - Coincidence? I think not.


Have you ever had those moments where you think to your self, "I've been here before" or "this has already happened to me"? Well, you're not alone, because it happens to us all. The term "Deja Vu" is very well known all across the world and still, no one has truly been able to crack the code of why this happens to us. There are several theories of why Deja Vu occurs, but no one single answer.


Deja Vu: Already Seen

Deja Vecu: Already Lived

Deja Visite: Already Visited

Jamais Vu: Never Seen

Memory Patterns With Pictures...?

Some of the theories behind this is that our brain uses our memory patterns, such as a hologram. Our brain can "reconstruct"  entire 3-D pictures from our memory database and redirected from the present time, rather than a potential recollection from past experiences with several pictures from our mind. 

You never know when you will actually experience Deja Vu, but once it happens most carry on about their day not thinking twice about when, where, or how it happened to us. It seems to be only a 1 time encounter and doesn't necessarily happen again, at least not in the same way it had prior. Some say that we have "forgotten" moments within our minds that they come back to us and then to be considered as Deja Vu....I'm not buying it.

What Do You Think? Write Comments or Experiences You Can Recall That Have Happened To You...

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katlupe said...

I have had those moments many times in my life. I can't explain why they happen but many times they are tied to a dream I have had. I dream some certain dreams over and over and then I have gone somewhere and I recognize the place in my dream.....even though I have never been there! I know it sounds weird but it is so true.

Mandy said...

It is odd often we can't remember such incidences after that have actually happened. That's one of the main reasons I wanted to post this as I've learned so much about it through research and experience...thought it was definately post worthy. Thank you for your comment. ;)