Sunday, November 28, 2010

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"Make simple changes starting today, to begin living a better tomorrow"
-Mandy Zadoorian-

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Holiday Gifts: Mothers-To-Be and Every Special Lady In Your Life!

Ready For The Holidays? I know I am....FINALLY! One of my near and dear friends shopped at my Ever Changing Gift Shop for all her Holiday Shopping this Holiday Season.

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Changing Pessimistic Perspectives Into Optimistic Achievements

Primary initiation for an individual to halt pessimistic outlooks to achieve more than just an illusion of optimism is to denounce negativity.

Turning thought processes into a more constructive scenario through a positive perspective must be utilized. One must believe each problem can carry desired solutions to be successful ventures, rather than assuming the worst result.  

The issue is simple, control. One must control their mind to release positive or negative thoughts to change negative intents into more successful and vested conclusions.

Some are naturally optimistic and find each cup full of life. They tend to define events in more visual and reactive ways than that of a pessimistic persona. An optimist will analyze situations more thoroughly and focus more in a desirable outcome in order to achieve the highest level of any and every result.

Optimists do not dwell or worry, yet they will visualize and analyze situations more thoroughly to reap desired results. They believe in their actions, while setting aside fear from the overall objective that prevents abundance.

Pessimists will have fear, doubt or worry when something is out of their control, even when situations cannot be altered. Their belief of what is really possible to achieve is halted by adverse affects from the lack of mental strength and an open mind.

Pessimism individuals see obvious restraints to projects or issues, rather than looking beyond in order to see obvious solutions. Maybe a pessimistic attitude gives the meaning to “ignorance is bliss”. They prevent gathering facts to bring favorable events into play by failing to see beyond their own assumptions.

How can pessimism dissolve for optimism to burst forward?

Baby steps may be the best solution by simple changes to improve overall negativity for achievement of ever lasting results to come true.

This may sound easier said than done; however, one must begin to identify pro’s and con’s for each circumstance encountered. Set standards for determining a fresh mind for events. Raise the inner bar to improve words and thoughts into ongoing actions until the desired result is achieved.

Weigh benefits with solutions to prevent failure from the start before assuming the conclusion is deemed unsuccessful. Diving in for higher standards must be bargained within the mind by changing all “impossible” ideas into the possible.

One great way to get the boat moving is to document the overall purpose to solve specific problems occurring at the moment. Brainstorm the most beneficial, successful outcomes inclined to fit your needs, wants, and demands.

Document each step taken to get from point A to B by using your problem-solving capabilities. This needs to be detail-oriented documentation to understand if a mistake is made, it is okay and you are able to retrace where the issue lies. Be thorough and efficient through this process to attain the results wanting to see blossom.

The most difficult concept to gain optimism is keeping the will alive to have appreciation for overall work taken place when it seems so much easier to give up. Know the sole purpose of why and how solutions need to have beneficial results for personal and profession well-being. Stay focused by visualizing gratification upon completion. Remember each step forward is one step closer to significant rewards.

Aside from gathering solutions to issues with a fresh and positive mentality, there must grace towards each day by looking at the good you are surrounded by. If areas regarding work, home, or general day-to-day life are found to have room for improvement, then great, put forth actions to improve the well-being of those areas in your life as well.

Smile each day and look at the World as if it was your last day to be placed within its beauty. What can you improve, change, or even embrace right now to better welcome positive influences in life and within all that surrounds you?

Remind yourselves every problem has a solution. How one chooses to solve issues with positive reinforcement to gather the most productive actions that will reach the most beneficial rewards.

See for yourselves and witness how possible, the impossible really is!

Article Written by Mandy Zadoorian

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Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nature - The Environment To Inspire

Not everyone is inclined to enjoy, let alone appreciate what nature has to offer. 

However, when time is given to a naturalistic environment, then one may be able to clearly see the vast and endless resources available in terms of inspiration

One may even consider a second glace before going inside to watch the TV!

Being outside and listening to everything around me or even the peace and quieit that's received for any amount of time is my professional and personal most inspirational pass time physically, mentally, and emotionally able to produce.

I could sit or just "be" in the sun, rain, or snow on hours upon end, well...dressed accordingly of course. 

The charge of inspiration gathered from this environment gives me an ever lasting way to voice my advice and opinions through my written words.

This is merely some food for thought; however, as they say, "Don't knock it before you try it"!

I would love to know where you all get your general inspiration from and this does not at all have to do with writing, but rather whatever gives your mind enlightenment in regards to the environment.

Inspiration: Your Ultimate Calling
365 Prescriptions for the Soul: Daily Messages of Inspiration, Hope, and Love
Igniting Inspiration: A Persuasion Manual for Visionaries
Positive Thinking Every Day: An Inspiration for Each Day of the Year
Inspiration Deficit Disorder: The No-Pill Prescription to End High Stress, Low Energy, and Bad Habits
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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How To Have Motivation, Persistence, and the Ultimate Success For Your Life

Graphics/Design By Mandy Zadoorian

When one thinks of their motivation, they may think about what drives them to carry onward to maintain or complete an ultimate goal. Reaching inside yourself to actually find the motivation is not only the most crucial step, but can be complicated for some. 

If every challenge in life was easy, then they wouldn’t be called challenges.
The “easy” button cannot be pushed or click a pair of red heels together either.

Taking stock of your motivational drive permit’s the equation of success to be more identifiable and overcome any obstacles with ease, more effectively. 

 The fact is different individuals have a wide variety of motivating factors, but why do some tend to be significantly more driven than another? 

Why do some refrain from consistency of expanding and exceeding their own expectations?

Here are a few conclusions reached for the correlation of one lacking motivational persistence:
  • Inability to center and focus
  • Absence of plan and deprivation of an “imaginary action thought process
  • Conceptual ideas are not put into a process and/or followed through in sequence
  • Omits leadership qualities
  • Neglects an adventurous sense of desire to move forward
  • Reluctant to welcome change
  • Limits personal and professional potential
If one cannot center their primary focus on the core goal, then the achievement can either be procrastinated or be perceived as more of a challenge than it has originally been. Nonetheless, the map or plan of action is created solely by the person accruing doubt and fear. The plain worry can cause one to stop before even beginning; therefore, the mind is set for failure from the start.

Motivation can never be properly produced if one dreads proper processes to get to ensure motivational freedom and to eventually used easily for attainable goals. Accurate results become less likely to be achieved and can prove meaningless in the grand scheme when motivation is not a part of life.

The shear confidence has to be felt for the entire product or end result to turn into a concrete realization. Even visualizing the process as a whole can turn one away or make a person work harder than even imagined. One needs a surmountable will, including endurance, sense of inspiration and a primary motive for the angel of achievement.

Create a sense of balance and energy for motivational factors, meaning, never become overwhelmed or let the mind travel to the land of overload. 

Take necessary a time out if needed, but again, stay centered on the primary objective. Keep in the back of the mind if success is not reached the first time, then consider the fault of possible distractions that got the best of the situation and get up and try until the goal is accomplished.

A huge impact in all of our lives is how we retain information, learn, and put desires into action as children. A child’s eyes see the world through a separate set of lenses. We forget the courage and bravery children have.

Think of some of the most wild and crazy stunts tried until it was done perfectly, not to mention lived through. It is unbelievable this imperative mind frame is forgotten when adulthood suddenly sneaks up. Behaviors take on a new “status quo” .

Adults are expected not to speak or act child-like in any way, shape or form. I agree an amount of professionalism must be maintained in the workplace; however, no one lives at work 24/7., so to speak. Use the imagination to help create your own drive for success, just as children do to conquer anything standing in their way.

When one has a predetermined plan that is mentally put into action prior to physically being performed by actually doing, is what I refer to as “imaginary action thought process”. This thought process originates and plants into the minds practical perception for more visualization; therefore, since this takes place solely in one’s mind it has nothing to do with any physical or hands on capabilities, which is the point..

Such a mentally to produce the actions within the brain can prove effective in determining what one sees, feels, touches, smells and tastes once they arrive at their exclusive destination from beginning to end. Also, writing out from start to finish, which is the route I prefer over mentally performing my path of direction. At this point, the initiated intent is a more possible reality for final achievement.

One must be true to their underlying motivations in order for the goal to be absolutely effective. Asking oneself a number of burning questions may help identify the purity for the ambition seeker.

Consider these questions while in the mist of proceeding all potential outcomes and motivational factors:
  • Will this create an abundance of happiness once achieved?
  • Are there significant drawbacks impacting my loved ones or myself?
  • Will finances take a plunge? If so, what alternatives can be considered to proceed now?
  • Is there support from others needed to stay afloat?
  • Is there an element of doubt to potentially cause a loss of balance for motivational stride?
  • Are negative individuals influencing choices in the wrong direction?
Keeping all sight on the bigger picture will be the payoff some wait a lifetime for. Conclude that all motivations have been  Each person has means of adventure lurking to offer a sense of higher purpose, in order to make all desires reality.

Remember to eliminate all present and future barriers from having any limitations stand in the way of motivation. Those barriers only prevent the road to achievement to come in full to gather all the success desired.

Nothing is impossible when one accepts every challenge as a way to sharpen the mind and create freedom thought to once be impossible.

Are you ready to put your motivation into effect and grab what is missing in your life?
Here are some great Books, CD's, and Useful Tools To Help Your Creativity, Motivation, and Persistence Assist You Too In Reaching Your Own Success!! 
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