Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Improving Family Health - Prevent Whooping Cough with Tdap Vaccine

Whooping cough is also referred to as pertussis and it is a highly contagious disease. Whooping cough is so contagious that if one person in the household has this disease, then other members in the home are 90%  more susceptible to catching it too! 90%, now you understand why I post this.

Whooping cough affects infants, adolescents, and adults and per the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) recommend individuals at the ages of 11-64 proceed with the vaccine, Tdap that helps prevent pertussis. Families or individuals most recommended to get this are also those working in the health care field, around an infant, and parents in general if this vaccine has not yet been given yet.

Unfortunately, whooping cough can cause cold-like symptoms resulting in a cough that can take weeks or months to resolve.

It is mainly spread by those clueless they even have whooping cough. This can be spread by simply sneezing or coughing.

In infants, the pertussis vaccine (for whooping cough), called DTaP (for diphtheria, tetanus, and pertussis), is typically given in five doses. The first four shots are given during a baby’s first year and a half of life: at 2, 4, 6, and 15 to 18 months.

Please talk to your child or infant's pediatrician about your infant or child for concerns or questions regarding their vaccination or further ways they may have to continue prevention techniques to use, such as washing hands often.


Let's improve our health and those of our children and those we love from whooping cough by learning more about the Tdap vaccination.

Below is a great resource to check out!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Mother's Day Gift Ideas

It's always smart to plan ahead in order to find Mother's Day gift ideas!
I have just what you need to gather the gift ideas or even the gifts that would be great for your own Mother. 

Below are some great Mother's Day Gift Ideas For Every Mother, of Any Age. 

Lets Pamper Our Mother's With The Gifts They Deserve On Their Special Day This Year To Honor Them With The Limitless Love and Act Of Giving They Gave To Us! 

Click On Any Of The Pictures Below To Learn More About The Product For Your Mother's Day Gift Ideas Or Gifts To Purchase 

MOM Forever Crystal Infinity Circle Necklace - Gift BoxedGlass Collectable ''Love You Mom'' Lighted CubeLoving Family® Sterling Silver Pendant - Mother and 2 ChildrenLife Moments Keepsake Music Box - Thoughtful for Mom or GrandmaLoving Family® Small Sterling Silver Mother's Heart Birthstone Locket with Set of 12 BirthstonesBain D'esprit Bath Collection 18 Piece Gift Basket - Lavender VanillaSweet Gardening Pleasures Gift Basket - A Great Idea for Mom! $25 Gift Card (0108) $50 Gift Card (0109)Oversized Adult White Ruffle Umbrella Parasol, Can Be Used In The Rain Or The Sun, Great Gift IdeaIndus Classic Lot Of 2 The Perfect Gifts for Mom on Mother's Day Himalayan Salt Lamps each 7~10 LbsMother's Day Massage Gift Basket: Basic Massage DVD, Professional Massage DVD, Oil, Relaxation Music (2 DVD/1 Oil/1 CD)Hugs for Mom - Gift Basket for HerRound Pink Best Gifts $20 Italian Charm WatchesHimalayan Friends GIFT Salt Lamp Massage Spa Reiki ~ 14~17Lbs Mothers Day GiftsRelaxing Lavender Aromatherapy Bath & Body Spa Basket - Christmas Holiday Gift Idea for HerMello Yellow Flower Bouquet Mothers Day Flowers Birthday Gift Idea for HerOrganic Gourmet Snack Food Gardeners Tote - Great Mothers Day Gift Idea for HerMother's Day Gift Gt Xpress 101 GrillGrand Gourmet Chocolate Decadence Gift Basket Mothers Day Gift Idea Graduation Gift Idea Christmas Gift Idea, Valentine's Gift IdeaMother's Day Gift Rachael Ray 7pc. Tool SetHandmade Notebook; Yellow Notebook Decorated with Bamboo, Jute Twine, Pressed Flowers: Mothers Day Gift IdeaMother's Day Gift Lighted Pop-up MagnifierHandmade Greeting Card with Vanilla Incense Sticks; Real Leaf Imprints on Handmade Paper; Mothers Day, Thanksgiving Gift, Holiday Greeting CardMoms Escape Pampering Gift Basket Great Gift Idea for Mothers Day