Thursday, October 7, 2010

How To Stay Positive When Others Aren't

Angles can be FunImage by TheOneKidKyle via Flickr"Just stay positive" is what we hear as we grow from children into adults from teachers, parents and peers; however, why are some unable to grasp this concept, while others potentially take it for a great leap of faith?

This is a belief that endures all other emotions and behaviors to the fullest degree. This boosts who we are and what we can offer within our life and those whom surround us with their presence. A positive tone will most definitely set the bar for others, along with proving boundaries as limitless, whereas negativity only encourages blocks and various barriers to be placed before us.

There is never a need to be negative when one can be positive and I understand that sounds more easily said than done, but this is quite true. If one has the will to change thought processes and patterns, then it is possible to have comprehension beyond even the wildest of dreams and surreal expectations.

Think about those in your life, including yourself, that walk around without a simple smile or give the cold shoulder to other surrounding them. Maybe they even provide some type of cruel verbiage with every encounter of another as soon as their back turns. Do you know someone life this, maybe even more than one person?

Take a moment to ask yourselves:
  • Is there someone in your life that tends to come to you for support each time they fail due to their negative nature as if they have a black cloud beaming over their head?
  • Does this person have the same, repeated cycle occur over and over producing more negativity over the years you have known them? 
  • Do you think about how your actions may reflect negatively to those you go to when a less then desirable result comes into your own life? 
  • How do you handle any  "successful failures"?
  • Does negativity weigh upon your attitude at the drop of a hat or are you able to brush it off and pursue your positive thought processes when an event or challenge goes differently than planned?

Below are astounding and amazing results merely discovered through personal experiences over the past few years from being within a great management team.

  • Enjoy life more effectively, naturally, and fully
  • Rarely encounter depression from fear, doubt, or overwhelming, uncontrollable situations
  • More outgoing, more confident, and more able to effectively achieve goals
  • See the cup half full by understanding there is always a brighter side in the midst of a dark circumstance or situation
  • Offer a helping hand, purely, to serve as an empathetic ear in relation to compassion
  • Less stress factors by working through problems, rather than dwelling on things they cannot change
  • Motivated problem-solvers by at least attempting even the impossible solutions to dire answers

This is relative to those thinking positively versus negatively. The sheer essence a positive thinker proves their ability to enable so many others to be able to lean on them for support and guidance.  is able to provide to so many others

These vast, influential qualities allow others to maintain a sense of approachability that negative characteristics just will not and cannot allow. Positivism portrays such great power of ones capabilities for personal drive and expectations.

Negativity has a tendency to hold one back. Negative thinkers have the potential to loose out on opportunities, because they were already considering change as a failure before ever experienced. There is also a lack of appreciation and gratitude that assimilates hand and hand with this behavior, but if realized there is more opportunism and rewards are out there to be discovered, then one can still conquer the negative battle and get back up on their saddle to ride another day.

Never let another prevent your positive glow from shining out. Never let another prevent the happiness and limitless possibilities to prevent becoming a reality. Never settle for another negative thought enter and seclude your mind's positive balance in order to fulfill the heart's content.

Know you deserve the reap these opportunities and rewards if you can stay positive, no matter what the day brings or hold upon your lap.

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There Is No Need To Worry

there's no need to worry this is just a vacationImage by Robert Bruce Murray III // Sort Of Natural via Flickr
Written by Mandy Zadoorian

The act of worry is not anything to be taken lightly and is considered a major influence that enables a series of negative outcomes to become a reality. People tend to become out of tune with relationships, jobs, family and most importantly, themselves. Although it is human nature to be concerned at times the immense emotion boundaries of worry mostly lingers within and around key circumstances in which one has no control.

Worry does not care which person it intrudes; anyone can have an extremely abrupt and overwhelming sense of the emotion utterly overpower them. The instance will normally backlash with a bad case of vulnerability.  

From all the research performed by various psychologists, philosophers and elite scientists, worry has been found to only to be within human beings, opposed to animals or any other living organism with a brain.

Worrisome behaviors have overpowered human kind for centuries; however, there are methods to enable and adjust the mind from the routine thought patterns. These techniques can be quote effectively successful.

The shear consumption of worry causes a lack of ability to concentrate on daily tasks. A harsh realization related to resistance factors can implode into the life of a worry-filled individual. This can also determine one to halt their motivation and ability to move forward with, normally, everyday functions.

This behavior attributes to emotional mechanisms, in turn, developing into habitual progressions. One surrenders all clear cut balances they once had or could later still have yet, along with depressing positive outlook and perception, previously very comfortable with.

Comfort is a major defiance of worry, because anyone can get frustrated from a snag in routine matters and functions. However, one whom worries lacks the knowledge action from having the overbearing sense of hopelessness.

Differentiating an individual’s reality from fictional characteristics, now endured by worry, can be complex. One must learn how to reinforce a new way of thinking in order redeem the “emotional  norm” and stop emotional chaos dead in its tracks.

One must begin to trust in terms of positive thinking. Imagining a desired outcome by remembering what one once had, may now demand, or require for their future. Once the mind is able to comprehend more consistent notions that past cannot be changed, then the process to live in the present can help conclude a recovery process. Those willing to sacrifice the old mind set to for the new are more inclined to have a more quick passing of this issue.

One can then embark upon the unknown in a new light and feel a sense of freedom with profound empowerment maybe never witnessed prior. Recall all moments in life, up until today, to imagine all items you dwell upon. Ask yourselves could anything have been changed? Did I make it though the situation and if so, how?

A great example of how we were technically forced to release worry or anxiousness was while younger, in school. Each year, we grew and so did the schools, people, homework…etc. Schooling became more intense and more responsibility was asked of each student, including you. From a child’s eyes, some items provoked thoughts of too much difficulty to have even imagined, yet somehow, the mind and its power of persuasion helped most of us make it.

Reinforcement of growth and newly found inner-confidence provided us with the concepts that could be easily understood as children. This assisted a welcomed embrace for those new experiences and challenges. Even though it may have seemed awful while going through this, the mind allowed resolution of the worry and fear. It was then replaced with a level of drive for success.

When one has always submitted to worry from previous experiences in their life, then it is due to the mind reacting the only way it knows how. This reaction is accumulated by repetitive actions are produce the same results in similar situations each occurrence.

Below are some ideas to start changing the way you think in order to overcome the patterns of worry within your life:

  • Just breathe. Breathing is the brain and body’s natural defense mechanism to calm itself, more so the mind and heart
  • Visualize different scenarios for successful solutions or desired outcomes for the future
  • Map out a plan of action with the pros and cons of how the worry is consuming your life and solutions of how to simplify aspects of your day or life that impact the feelings of worry
  • Relaxation techniques through: Meditation, Yoga, More sleep, Talking to a professional or  friend to help find a source or the problem and potential resolution, Exercise,  Improve eating patterns and habits

Over  time, begin referencing back to the plan that you find to work best. Check to see how you have improved and what challenged you are still experiencing and how those items areas still seen as conflicting can be positively altered.

The only one that carrying the burden of worry is the only one that can exploit it, rid it, and tell it goodbye!


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Never Let Anyone Shatter Your Dreams

Shattered DreamsImage by [Sarah Maguire] via Flickr

“Never let another shatter your dreams”! This is what we are told while, normally, very young, and perhaps, as we grow into our older years as well. The concept for this statement always remains the same  - It is still 100% true! As a child, I had no idea what this meant and I am sure that I was not the only one. As I matured, I realized these words had more meaning to them then meets the eye.

Who knew this sentence would hinder my negative outlook into something now golden, as if the light bulb finally turned on within my mind after so many years of being completely burnt out. I have never regretted anything in life, but years pass us by so quickly it may be hard to put time and effort into those things one really has the desire to accomplish. It is the choices we choose not to make that cause the wonder of what could have been.

There are so many others that envy another person’s successes. Some will go to great lengths to create the most extensive obstacles keeping another from achieving their ultimate dream. It is only up to one person never allow anyone to shatter the dream worked for so hard to still strive for achievement.

I have been in a predicament before when I wanted to do something from deep within my soul, yet I let another encourage me to shy away. I did something I no longer do. I listened to their negative advice persuading me out of what I really wanted to do in order to obtain my dreams.

I know now that no matter the cost, no matter whom else tries to interrupt my path to achievement, I will not stop to second guess my motives. It took me awhile, but I figured out I am here on this Earth to do something great, just as everyone else has been. My goal in life is to do whatever it takes to make someone else feel more empowered while enlightening the notion all life is worth living by setting forth a plan of action.

I try to express ways for one to transform their life into something more than the “norm”. Also, the anyone has the power to improve their live and the past does not effect a meaningful life for the future. I have always wanted to do something great for others in order to help them in anyway I could think of. I am not sure why  or where this sense of assistance came from, but it has been there as long as I can remember and I am not content or humble with my self unless I am giving help away to someone else.

It is almost as if I cannot feel complete if there is not a way to create a way for another to feel happiness for them self. This is why I choose to write inspirational pieces, among other positive articles as such. If I cannot meet you one-on-one, then please, I ask you to hear my genuine nature through my voice of words.

Unfortunately, achieving a dream can be shattered in an instance. It could be family, friends, counselor or another one looked to for support or any other reason. The problem being, these are all the people one needs in their life to say “anything is possible“, not that it’s not.

Each person can make their dream a reality with having the faith and know how by saying “I can“! Removing the words, “I can’t” need to be removed from every persons vocabulary and frankly, I think the dictionary as well; however, that is merely my personal opinion.

Dismiss all apprehensions, fears, doubts, especially the individuals invading potential. Only one person lets another individual within their life to prevent a dream. Only one can endure the heartache of an individual striping away what you want out of life. Only one can surpass previous failures to now welcome opportunities. Only one can create their own challenges to ultimately enter the world of a successful dreams made into a successful reality.

The only one is you!

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Selflessness Through Self-Sacrifice and Compassion

Heart CandleImage by Bob.Fornal via Flickr
Article written by Mandy Zadoorian

Selflessness caters characteristics more profound within the human psyche than most others that can ever be described or expressed by an individual. One must completely engage their inner standers of compassion to aid another in moments of weakness or hopelessness. The merciful services rendered in absolute trust and self-sacrifice depicts the sheer intent for selflessness.

The honor, courage, and immaculate assistance is something all are fully capable of giving to another human being. It is a downright amazing feature we have  to hold within our core. The act of selflessness allows an everlasting level of moralistic and significant values of compassion deep inside the beholder.

There has either been or will be a space in time when each person must take and accept their duty to facilitate the needs of another. This may be demand on behalf of a friend, family member, acquaintance or a compete stranger. This is when the sheer action for selflessness and sense of self-sacrifice are in order to help in some way, shape, or form.

An uncanny sense of aim is reinforced to embody only the most sincere presence of compassion for those in need. These targeted, individuals, victims or traces of innocent life is seen often, maybe daily, for some. These people need an opportunity to be provided with assistance. Unfortunately, only a mere few are willing to accept the responsibility of this challenge to actually do anything..

Selflessly supplying someone with your own inner-strength, awareness, and ultimate power becomes the primary function self-sacrifice and has a sense similar to that of a hero. This action reflects one with a kind heart and pure motive to assist another without ever expecting or ever asking of anything in return.

Therefore, the million dollar question then becomes,  why are some reluctant to offer an abundance of assistance to another, versus those whom carry within the “hero-like” essence to rightfully bolt to anyone in need, no matter how significant the aid demands?

Character Representations below are believed to be the most common influences of reluctance:
  • Fear: Being afraid for personal safety or not trust loyal intention of those asking for assistance
  • Powerlessness: Feeling nothing can be done by their hand, lack of experience or knowledge
  • Selfishness: Normally a type of person that asks, “Why would I help this person?”
  • Insecurity: : Feeling incapable to provide resourceful aid or afraid their help is not satisfactory
  • Presumptuous: To assume “Someone else will help …”

So, how can one develop a surefooted approach to become an able-bodied member of society and overcome the reasons of “why not” , instead asking, “how” they can help?

Genuinely, all have the ability to produce reasonable aid to those carrying within a burden of any sort or a loss of faith to help themselves. To acquire a foundation for substantial selflessness is entirely related to the act of being able to release. One must make the choice to release their anger, powerlessness, insecurities, assumptions, doubt, fear and selfishness. Once these have been set aside for release, then the capacity to provide the gift of a helping hand becomes more profound.

Anyone can change their predisposed views to renew a balanced perception to then retrieve a level of power, trust, confidence and more of a positive, heart-felt motive for the newly discovered empowerment. Empathy is the psychological admiration humans have to visualize or modify our own perception to truly feel another persons’ point of view or circumstance. This can depict the wise wolf within a pack of thousands. This then embodies a willingness for selflessness though self-sacrifice and compassion.

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