Thursday, October 7, 2010

Never Let Anyone Shatter Your Dreams

Shattered DreamsImage by [Sarah Maguire] via Flickr

“Never let another shatter your dreams”! This is what we are told while, normally, very young, and perhaps, as we grow into our older years as well. The concept for this statement always remains the same  - It is still 100% true! As a child, I had no idea what this meant and I am sure that I was not the only one. As I matured, I realized these words had more meaning to them then meets the eye.

Who knew this sentence would hinder my negative outlook into something now golden, as if the light bulb finally turned on within my mind after so many years of being completely burnt out. I have never regretted anything in life, but years pass us by so quickly it may be hard to put time and effort into those things one really has the desire to accomplish. It is the choices we choose not to make that cause the wonder of what could have been.

There are so many others that envy another person’s successes. Some will go to great lengths to create the most extensive obstacles keeping another from achieving their ultimate dream. It is only up to one person never allow anyone to shatter the dream worked for so hard to still strive for achievement.

I have been in a predicament before when I wanted to do something from deep within my soul, yet I let another encourage me to shy away. I did something I no longer do. I listened to their negative advice persuading me out of what I really wanted to do in order to obtain my dreams.

I know now that no matter the cost, no matter whom else tries to interrupt my path to achievement, I will not stop to second guess my motives. It took me awhile, but I figured out I am here on this Earth to do something great, just as everyone else has been. My goal in life is to do whatever it takes to make someone else feel more empowered while enlightening the notion all life is worth living by setting forth a plan of action.

I try to express ways for one to transform their life into something more than the “norm”. Also, the anyone has the power to improve their live and the past does not effect a meaningful life for the future. I have always wanted to do something great for others in order to help them in anyway I could think of. I am not sure why  or where this sense of assistance came from, but it has been there as long as I can remember and I am not content or humble with my self unless I am giving help away to someone else.

It is almost as if I cannot feel complete if there is not a way to create a way for another to feel happiness for them self. This is why I choose to write inspirational pieces, among other positive articles as such. If I cannot meet you one-on-one, then please, I ask you to hear my genuine nature through my voice of words.

Unfortunately, achieving a dream can be shattered in an instance. It could be family, friends, counselor or another one looked to for support or any other reason. The problem being, these are all the people one needs in their life to say “anything is possible“, not that it’s not.

Each person can make their dream a reality with having the faith and know how by saying “I can“! Removing the words, “I can’t” need to be removed from every persons vocabulary and frankly, I think the dictionary as well; however, that is merely my personal opinion.

Dismiss all apprehensions, fears, doubts, especially the individuals invading potential. Only one person lets another individual within their life to prevent a dream. Only one can endure the heartache of an individual striping away what you want out of life. Only one can surpass previous failures to now welcome opportunities. Only one can create their own challenges to ultimately enter the world of a successful dreams made into a successful reality.

The only one is you!

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