Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nature - The Environment To Inspire

Not everyone is inclined to enjoy, let alone appreciate what nature has to offer. 

However, when time is given to a naturalistic environment, then one may be able to clearly see the vast and endless resources available in terms of inspiration

One may even consider a second glace before going inside to watch the TV!

Being outside and listening to everything around me or even the peace and quieit that's received for any amount of time is my professional and personal most inspirational pass time physically, mentally, and emotionally able to produce.

I could sit or just "be" in the sun, rain, or snow on hours upon end, well...dressed accordingly of course. 

The charge of inspiration gathered from this environment gives me an ever lasting way to voice my advice and opinions through my written words.

This is merely some food for thought; however, as they say, "Don't knock it before you try it"!

I would love to know where you all get your general inspiration from and this does not at all have to do with writing, but rather whatever gives your mind enlightenment in regards to the environment.

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