Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Motivation For Me...

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How I Use Motivation

No one ever wants to be pressured or feel forced in making a decisions, let alone ones they may not want to make. Most need to truly want or need something to bring forth to set a sense of what their motivation is to consist of, although, that same want or need is something that is is best to be a requirement versus a materialistic want. For example, I know I need to make enough money to pay my bills and keep food on the table for my son, but I want to go shopping everyday. You get the idea, right? 

In this post, I felt portraying to readers what motivates me the most could offer a second for you to please take the opportunity to share with me what motivates you most. 

 I am motivated to ensure...
  • My family is happy and humble
  • I am happy and humble
  • I'm able to continue to discover new and exciting ways of challenging myself every chance I get in order to continue learning and accomplishing goals I would have otherwise never have had the ability to to achieve had I not applied myself
  • Proving to myself I can conquer those goals when I put my mind to it, only when I apply my mind and focus 100%
  • Overcome impossible feats and surpass expectations
  • If mistakes are made I know that I will learn and grow from them, while embracing each error as they come. I have finally realized how important this truly is. You're never too old to learn new, innovating information and gain a further sense of confidence with yourself.
  • I'm able to look back at each experience and use every one as an inspirational tool.
Life can be lived fully, happily, and effectively only when you truly feel and understand what motivates you the most and make your motivation a reality by focusing on the motivation factors and how you can achieve your goals from its utilization?

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