Thursday, July 15, 2010

Meditaion: Top 5 Questions I'm Asked

Frequently Asked Questions: Top 5 Questions I’ve Been Asked About Meditation

***I hope these answer more questions you may have thought of while reading
“My Medi-Step Guide"***

Q. How Often Should I Meditate?
A. Meditate as often as you can. It reaps various rewards for the body, mind and spirit, along with making you more aware of your natural senses, increase concentration and focus. 
***See the last question for further benefits of Meditation***

Q. What Time Of The Day Should I Meditate?
A. In the morning seems to be the best time from my personal experience. Think of how your days begins versus how it ends, now think of how your mind feels in the morning and ask yourself what time of the day would you be less stressed? When you are able to meditate in the morning the mind has not entered the separate focus mode it goes off into while beginning the hustle and bustle throughout the day. You are at your most peaceful state (well, most are) before you even get out of bed and have less distractions than otherwise if one decided to perform or practice meditation before going to sleep. Also, you may have a tendency to fall asleep if this is done prior to crawling into bed.  

Q. Once I Get To “A State of Being”, How Long Will It Last?
A. It all depends on you and how often you are willing to practice, including how focused you can place your thoughts while preventing daily distractions from occurring. Please, again, keep in mind that it may take time and continue to practice. In the beginning, you may only have a few moments where you mind is able to be completely at ease or relaxed, but every moment will be worth it

Q. Why would I keep my eyes open?
A. The point is to NOT fall asleep, but to remain aware and still conscious of your surroundings. Most will have a natural instinct to fall asleep if their eyes are closed and concentrating on an appealing object of your choosing will usually work best, at least until you begin attaining a more comfort level for your awareness.

Q. What Are the Meditation Health Benefits?
A. I found a great website that listed several of these answers, please check this out for the full content, answers and other information relating to the benefits of meditation.
Here are some they have listed within their site:

  • Increases oxygen consumption
  • Reduces emotional distress
  • Deeper level of concentration
  • Increases mental strength
  • Increases exercise tolerance in heart patients
  • Stress reduction
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