Sunday, September 12, 2010

"Thank A Friend Day" Today!

Today, I have considered it to be: 
"Happy Thank A Friend Day"

.925 Sterling Silver Best Friends Heart 16 MM x 15 MM Pendant CharmA good friend is there for you until the end of time...they always have been there and always will be. It is someone to laugh with, cry on their shoulder, go to for advice, learn valuable lessons from, including offer our lessons to in return. The best friend we have is generally the person we lean on for support through whatever obstacles life brings. We know if we call them, they would drop day and night t be there for us, because we do the same for them in their time of need.

Lucky Best Friends Ying Yang White Jade and Black Onyx Star Gemstones Friendship NecklacesOne encounters many things and instances in life enabling the heart to be wounded in more ways than one....a best friend is the one willing to stand by your side through it all.

Best Friend/Puzzle Piece Charm, Sterling SilverThink for a moment about the last time you felt a broken heart or needed someone so deeply to console your most intimate emotions...who did you go to? It's was probably your friend, the one you know better than they know themselves and vice verse. They are the one that can lift our smiles and sadness with the sound of their voice and gentle words.

Sterling Silver Best Friend Heart NecklaceOf course some friends will come and go, but a true friendship of loyalty and appreciation means more than having a thousand friends that never care to know who I truly am, never call to ask how I'm doing or show up to your house when you were too upset to even call to ask them, yet somehow they "just knew" by sensing something to be wrong.

Take a moment out to thank those friends who have been there through thick and thin to help us live happier and more productive lives, because we have them.

Large Break-Away Best Friends CharmThank you Jervana, for being there for me when I have needed you most. We have had so much fun through the past few years. We have shared tears, laughter, and various challenges that will last a lifetime. I am so thankful to be able to have a friend like you in my life and could never have asked for a more in regards to our loyal friendship. I believe we were meant to meet along the way and I thank God we did.

Dedicated Post: Jervana, my best friend and "twin"...Thanks buddy!!

I love you!

Who's the one that you will take a moment out to thank today for being your close friend through the years?

Thank you to all my all mean everything to me and I couldn't do it without you all!
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1 comment:

Jen said...

There are a few people I will have to thank today. They know the things about me that some people will never know. They helped me through it all.

It's always good for best friends to know that they are loved.