Thursday, September 2, 2010

Loving Life As We Know It - My Dreams!

New Gold Dream...Image by law_keven via Flickr
How can one learn to LOVE LIFE AGAIN..What Dreams Need To Be Maintained or Sought After To Be Purely Happy?
I am only 27 years old know I have so much let tto offer the world nin terms of fulfilling my dreams. I wanted to list some of the things that mean more to me to accomplish more so than anything else in the dreams:

1. To be a great writer
2. Offer my advice to those that are not sure the direction to turn when they have reached their absolute bottom - Only know, cause I have been there myself and found my own ways out of the deepest holes

3. Explain to others how to welcome change and transformatrions into their daily routine once again

4. To have financial freedom 

5. To publish  an entire serious of my own books and travel around the world to promote it
6. To be a good mother to my son and give him all the support he needs so when he gets older he will KNOW he can do whatever he wants, as long as it is for the best for himself and those that surround him

7.  To continue (or eventually be) to be a good friend, wife (eventually), daughter, grandmother (we won't go there for about 20 more years..phew) and sister

8. To never let anyyhing hold me back from accomplishing my dreams...I WILL SUCCEED...

If I Fail....I Will Never Give Up!!
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Babes about Town said...

I'm impressed by your tenacity and your optimism. There's little more powerful than positive thinking and also taking a 'forward motion' approach to achieving your dreams. I do believe you will get there as you seem to have passion and purpose.

Swinging by from SITS to wish you Happy Sunday :-)

Anonymous said...

I like the way you think... I myself have been to the bottom of a few deep dark holes and have clawed my way out through tenacity, self belief, never backing down and never giving up. I feel we all possess the strenght and power to chainge ourselves for the better. I often loose hope that people will never realize their true potential, that they will never become the masters of their lives and carve their own path in life. It's too often that people follow the path of least resistance.

Charlene said...

These are great goals and you've definitely got the right attitude. All the best to you! :-)

Visiting & Following from SITS BlogFrog!

Mandy said...

Thank you all. I figured people need to have this attitude in order to have karma react to them in positive ways.

Also, when one is able to offer a hand of kindness to others, without receiving anything in return, the rewards to later be retrieved are most substantial than ever imagined.