Monday, September 6, 2010

Our Senses Of Inspiration

The Greater GoodImage by cappndave via Flickr   "The Greater Good"-By Mandy Zadoorian-
Article Published at (Self-Realization Expert)

We have so many valuable things we are able to incorporate into our lives that can motivate our deepest inspirations. Think of each of our 5 senses to be a glorification of life. The use of these abilities are meant to be realized at a higher level for advantages of this concept to be understood for all they are. Some unfortunately, will never get the chance to reach or implement any of these opportunities as such. Our senses have the capacity to impact effects for miraculous discoveries to finally exist in our everyday routine.

Some will never have the element of joy involved with any abundance to feel or touch a flower or to even recognize any comprehension the sheer miracle of its creation of color and texture, because they have never been given the gift of sight. One who has never heard the sounds of a bird’s song as it sings to its mate, because they cannot hear or listened to an orchestra play as the conductor guides them through each note.. Have empathy for those who cannot have the option to smell or taste food’s extraordinary scent and ultimate enjoyment. Even one that endures no pain when they are hurt, because they have no sense of touch to feel any type of sensations.

For those that have each 5 gifts, know each is to be held high in the mind‘s golden thoughts to give a second smell or savor the food upon your tongue for a few more seconds that you had before. Think of those who will not get the same loves for them as you have.

Do you think twice while gazing at a harmonic sunset and completely wait until it falls beyond the horizon?

Are you one to listen to really hear those you love most of all in the world for just a few more moments to catch a glimmer of their voice speaking their heart felt words?

When one is ever doubting their own life and all they feel is forgotten and lost, will you be the one to be there reminding them how much their life is still in need of their body and mind by offering your kind words of wisdom and overall strength? Remind yourself to cherish the small items in life that have become missing elements completely erased from the mind, while shoveled to the side, such as the smell of freshly cut grass or the thick, humid air after a midnight Summer rain. Recall all the variations of ideas and contentment from earlier years, perhaps childhood. Embracing the scents and scenery when you were growing up and what had been possibly taken advantage of when you felt sad or frightened, to make you feel more alive and hopeful once again. Smell the safety of it all and the calmness it gave to you.

What was the reassuring light you had to cover thoughts of premature worry as a young boy or girl? When was the last time you felt no major concerns, as if that same worry was released from all thoughts, even if only for a second?

When did life consist of an utter sense of freedom? What was the meaning when life imposed no consumption of responsibly having less impact on the ever changing days that may be a concern today?

Resume the meaning to feel more empowered by today for all  present circumstances and release them into a goodness that now cannot be forgotten.

Where would you go when you wanted to escape from the world’s chaotic sirens of sound and shadows of a doubt? Is this the place or environment you gathered to feel more safe and protected? What could you smell? What was around you? Who was there with you? Were you alone?

Gather your thoughts together to recollect positions were you felt fear, yet were able to surround yourself in a better situation solely by the use of one of your senses. It may be from the smell or touch, the taste, or site or what you desired to hear that was able to repress your inner fear in order to defeat it. Our senses have been given to us, even if one does not have all their senses functional, whether it was from birth or lost throughout a time during life --- one must learn to use what we DO have to better and improve our lives to the highest degree as humanly possible.

Understanding anything we do or want or need is always originated by our senses. It may be a “sixth” sense, such as our intuition, but it is where the thoughts in our mind begin  and allow us to leap to the next step needed to attain and achieve every thing we do or don’t choose to accomplish.

We are all the same inside, we all bleed the red blood we were given with, we were all meant to see the greater good in life and the earth in which we live. However, if the world is not seen for its beauty and grace, then the meaning is missed. Life is missed out for what it was intended. All of the basic components within a lifetime are given to us as a precious gift that needs to be felt, smelled, seen, heard and tasted. It is all around us and it needs to be reminded of its voice.

The only question that remains --
Will you now use the senses within you to show others your true passions?

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