Thursday, March 3, 2011

Great Guest Article!... "15 Facts About the Self-Help Industry"

I was sent a wonderful link to an absolutely amazing Self-Help Article. I thought it was only appropriate to share and offer readers the same opportunity to check it!

The #1 reason I liked this article so much is for the simple fact it displays a wide variety of content directly in correlation to statistics and factual-based information.  

I learned quite a bit from this article and it was also a much needed "friendly reminder" to help us recall our initial objectives for why we do what we jump back on the right path or direction for the bigger picture at hand. 

Please offer some feedback as to how you all feel about this article as well.


Thank you for sending this to my attention Carl! I truly enjoyed reading this article and even designing the above graphics. If you would ever like anything else posted here, I'd be glad to help out! 

This also goes for anyone that desires their writings, in relation to my industry/topic, to be posted here. Send me an email and we'll discuss the content you would like me to post, proving how the content is mainly of value and benefits other readers too. I will always post "guest posts' within 48-72 hours from when I receive your initial email.

Thank you all and look forward to having even more helpful resources to post here! 

Graphic design above by: Mandy Zadoorian 

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Father Time said...

Girl, you just keep writing and posting awesome materials!