Saturday, March 5, 2011

The 4 Most Soothing Words - Works Everytime!

The 4 most soothing words I've EVER heard were from my Mother. It was these words she'd say repeatedly to us while growing matter how bad things got, you could bet on this coming out of her mouth.

The funny thing…it works every time, then and now! I am not sure if it mainly consists of a “Mom thing” or not, but hey, if it works, then so be it, right?!

Even now, if I seem down or have a bout of negativity for even a fraction of a second, then she will tell me this over and over until I get it through my think, stubborn skull. I know she always wants to make sure these 4 words don’t go in one ear and out the other.

Now, I use these words for the benefit for others, because I have the understanding of these words that I never had before. I receive positive feedback when I say this to others and it’s proof, at least in my eyes, these words truly are powerful to those who believe in them, plus it REALLY works at soothing one’s soul, somehow.

So these 4 words that brings such a vast amount of soothing reassurance???
"Everything Will Be Okay!"

It may also just be the simple nature of the content being a modified rationalization of how “we want things to be”, that it just works…yet it IS more than that. The phrase goes deep into my subconscious mind and I then physically, mentally, and emotionally feel better, instantaneously.

The word mental is the key above. Having trust and faith in ourselves and others, mentally, justly leads us to truly see that "everything will be okay!"

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Jeanine Byers Hoag said...

Those are wonderful words, Mandy! I tell myself something like that, too, if I need reassuring.

In fact, I have a process I do whenever I start worrying because I believe that worry starts the creation process for what you don't want. So I cancel that order and tell myself that everything's okay.

Then, if that doesn't work, I imagine something fanciful like a prancing unicorn or a singing bumblebee and that does the trick!

Iosif said...

I enjoy my family and I accidentally found your blog!
Interesting publication and I honestly think it's really mind that words can bring only benefits. Unfortunately I suffer from depression, is a very rare form of depression, that can not stand to hear shouting, a lot of people, I can not see anyone suffering, nor can I help those people because I get sick and even faint .
Mental power I do not know how I could help, because as I said are very sensitive and if they see an accident or something I can control blood and I get very bad.
However we will read with pleasure! We welcome everyone with respect!

Father Time said...


Everything WILL Be Okay!!!
Bravo! Keep up the good work!
Many Blessings!

Keda said...

oh, that's so beautiful and true. Everything will be ok...
Mine is you are safe. For whatever reason, this is what I need to repeat to myself, this is what I hold onto. My childhood was one big insecure upheaval, with a verbally abusive father, a mother who had no idea how to handle it, moving around and never having friends for more than a year. When I catch myself in any situation that makes me feel edgy, I simply say I am safe, and I can hold my head high and I know I can do whatever I want, because I am safe and I am loved.

Christina @RevUpThePassion said...

What a great blog!! I try to tell myself this all the time. Positive thinking is one of our strongest attributes.
Love your blog I just became a fan!=)

Mandy Zadoorian, Writer, Website Logo/Banner Designer, Self-Improvement Expert said...

I am really excited and please that so many of you all have such wonderful things to say about both my posts and blog. It makes my day, week, month and perhaps my year knowing others feel inspired and enjoy my blog and my words!

It reminds me why I do what I do and how much motivation all of you are for me to continue to write what I do.

Thank you all...if it weren't for loyal friends and other bloggers out there, I don't know if this would be as meaningful, or fun for that matter!

Thanks again and hope to see you all back soon!