Sunday, February 27, 2011

How To Discover Daily Distractions To Focus on Objectives

Not everyone finds their own focus in the same manner, including discover the precise ways to limit or eliminate their own daily distractions in order to fully focus at any objective at hand.

Improving the path of daily distractions can be challenging enough with the rest of the things going on in life, but there are a few things you can do for yourselves to better locate each distractions' origin...then, say goodbye to a world without focus!

The primary issue is the simple fact that those distractions can appear on a whim, without reason or cause or let alone the mind's own control. For instance, the phone rings, we hear a loud or questionable noise, maybe even an unexpected knock at the door.

Perhaps, it's just the daily distractions within our personal or professional spheres that cause a sense of reluctance preventing us the focus otherwise intended to's human nature to consider all distractions, but more so, to let them be just that and go about our routine to gain back the control needed to move forward to focus on objectives at hand.

Here are 3 simple inquires to answer for yourselves in order to gain back that control as soon as looming daily distractions rears its ugly head:

1. Write down a list of common or even the potential distractions that you endure on a daily basis. This could be either at home, in the professional realm, or even both areas if they each seem to offer unpreventable and varied distractions.
2. Using the same list, offer reasons as to why these occurrences happen or could potentially occur; therefore, burdening an aggressive or reluctant will to properly focus.
3. Then, of course, list detailed explanations as to what needs to be changed within the daily routine to stop those same disconcerting moments from occurring as they a repetitive nature or even if unannounced circumstantial times arise. Obviously, if anything happens that is directly involving you or your well-being, such as an emergency or something, then there will need to be a sense of distraction considering the extenuating circumstance(s).

Think of the daily distractions that, well...distract you and think of them in the same terms as a fitness buff perceives their work out, lifestyle and healthy living patterns for exactly what it is...A LIFESTYLE CHANGE TO COMMIT TO EACH AND EVERY DAY! 

If you can find ways to commit to, first, discover the daily distractions, then secondly, learn to focus on the objectives that come about commonly or otherwise, then the lifestyle change that deems necessary to be considered to make life even more simple and stress-free. 

Let me know ways that you find to ways to better center your own focus after discovering the reasons why distractions had got under your skin and how you eliminated or diminished those areas...

Design Above "Daily Distractions" by: Mandy Zadoorian
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Carol And Stacy said...

I keep a running list of what needs to get done in my computer world and that helps keep me on task.

Father Time said...

Your writing is always superb, my young friend! You are doing wonderful work and touching the lives of many!
Thank You!
Many Blessings!

Anonymous said...

This can be me sometimes when I am at work. I work 60 hrs a week, take care of my home and run 2 websites. At work, I tend to get side tracked with so many distractions and I am beginning to learn how to focus more and finish one thing at a time, rather then trying to do so much stuff at one time.