Friday, November 5, 2010

One Person Has the Power To Make A Difference

 Design by Mandy Zadoorian

Each person has the ability to make a difference in the World, yet without belief of personal potential, the changes are not as significant. The power to change and improvement the world can be jump-started for success when one appreciates the possibilities are truly unlimited.

After skimming through some random websites one day I had come across verbiage within a paragraph written, “…it is too hard for one person to ever make a difference in this world, so why try?…”. Regretfully, the person listed only as “anonymous”. I wanted to express to “anonymous” a rebuttal, yet also appreciation for the impact of inspiration this short sentence had provided me with at that moment.

As much as I wanted to dispute the comment I decided instead to make every effort to prove the statement to be fiercely incorrect. People do carry a natural willingness to make some type of difference each day, but sometimes this is given with unknown effort or cause.  The willingness to make a difference only has to be portrayed by one person. It does not have to be an entire army to back up the one man or woman in order to change the path of the rest of those who follow.

One person has the ability to facilitate positive influences. By recognizing the difference they feel need to be made and transformed, then they have all the power to incorporate their concept as an individual and produce the transformation into a wonderful reality.

Choices and decisions are made daily by humans and not all are thought out or devised plans for the greater good of mankind. The power of freewill can create the domino effect that enables the toppling over of you and those surrounding you. Some decisions may help others and some may absolutely damage. Whether the outcome from the original selection was intentional or not can cause unwanted results. Results can have severe consequences or the most gratifying rewards ever received.

Why do some feel they cannot possibly provide the surmountable assistance another may need or feel their help will never be enough?

If one is able to apply a sense of empathy, trust, and ethical values, then motives may contain more proportionate and a concise representation in the long run.  

There are various ways to make a difference in the world. Below are suggestions as to how each person can contribute in order to make a difference.  

  • Helping innocent lives for genuine, yet demanding causes, such as a foundations, charities, or the vast variety of organizations demanding various levels of help
  • Volunteer: Local schools, churches, hospitals, clubs, businesses or other organizations
  • Begin a fundraiser to raise money for a cause of your choice
  • Actor, radio personality, singer, or let your voice shine through words as a writer
  • Doctor, nurse, surgeon or general involvement within the medical field. There is an immense shortage of nurses and medical support staff currently in the United States
  • Serving your Country: Navy, Army, or Marines
  • Seminarian, Humanitarian, Biologist
  • Protect and serve: Firefighters, Policeman, or Security careers

There list above could be expressed with an unlimited amount of documentation to support and justify how much one person has the power within themselves to help in various ways. Endless resources are collecting dust to be utilized to help us, help others.

Devise a plan of action to get the involvement of others is ever found thinking to yourselves that what you have to offer is not enough. Implement an objective to help the progression of dreams, desires, positive, and influential changes to take place.

Make a promise to follow through with goals and honor them. Set ideas into stone and push forth the concrete reality desired to make a gratifying reality. Never prevent the mundane from being transformed into a more defined potential. Work on the Incorporation of encouragement for friends, family, colleagues, or others to also reap the rewards from the gift of help in order to enable their own magic to make a difference.

Ask what is preventing the assistance and implementation of change you could provide right now.

Appreciate chances and all opportunities we truly do have to give back to the world we live in. Remember, a smile is a 100% free gesture that illuminates and radiates as a contagious moment from one person to the next. A smile is sometimes all it takes to make a difference today.

Article Written by Mandy Zadoorian 
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