Monday, November 15, 2010

Cannot Hide From Change - Look Forward To Change

Graphics/Design By Mandy Zadoorian

Change seeks out each of us on a daily basis. Obviously, some changes are more detailed oriented and of course have more impact than others. Some directly effect people in such an array of various ways than possibly ever intended; however, it is the changes that guide and mold who we are and will become.

This molding is consistent of more meaningful moments within our precious lives to make the impossible, possible.

Next time anyone forgets how important change is, simple or not, realize it can never be ran away from. Change is inevitable and must be welcomed and appreciated with open arms. Change has to be accepted with grace. By feeling empowered by its presence.

One cannot hide from it underneath the covers or a rock. One cannot pray it away. One cannot hope for the rain to come another day or insist the Moon stays out longer so the Sun won’t shine until we are ready!

Change cannot be forgotten or missed. Without change there would not be progression or the ability each of us have to grow.  After all, that is the best part of change - it helps us. Change may cause some pain or dread, but life without obstacles isn’t life at all.

The changes we have within our daily lives is here to stay no matter how badly some may not accept this.

Think of all the things you have changed in your life from the time you could even recall up until this very moment. The problem being, there is too many moments one would have to think of, causing it nearly impossible to ever be able to accomplish such a feat.

Change can greatly improve one’s life, especially for those who are more equipped to go with the flow of change.

To appreciate it, one must begin to understand change helps those who welcome its ever altering will to drive through to our hearts and minds in order to truly assist us…everyday!

Change has helped all of us achieve skills some may never have the pride to let into their own life thus far.

Look forward to change and the unimaginable experiences it has yet to provide us for in the future.

What will help you understand and appreciate change?

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1 comment:

Father Time said...

Bravo Mandy! This is awesome stuff! You hit the nail on the proverbial head!

Many Blessings!
Father Time