Monday, August 16, 2010

Panic and Anxiety: Stop With A Breath

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How Many Of You Currently Have or Have Had Episodes of Panic or Anxiety? Well, I have...

...And understand how hard it can be to relax and even focus. Let's be honest here for a moment, having feelings of anxiety and/or panic or even experience an "attack" is one of the most awful, uncontrollable moments one can emotionally have, not to mention how exhausting it can make us.

No one enjoys feeling this way and would slam the off button is there were one.

Well, I have good news, through the years, I found the easiest way to cope that works for me and could work for you's worth trying, right?
  • First, think about what feelings of anxiety and panic get you. 
  • Now think of where it gets those closest to you...those who love you most
  • Now think about if you could change that feeling. 
No one wants those they love to suffer from feeling hopeless and helpless, plus can't help in your time of need.
Your breathing could mean the difference between simply being more calm or not. So rather than letting this ailment get the best of you, let's talk about how to reduce and even stop it naturally
  1. Begin to slow your breathing: I know this can be hard to do in "panic mode", but all you need to do is concentrate on each breath you take.
  2. Focus every ounce of your being and energy on the breathing: If your mind can only think about one thing, then this can help the racing thoughts diminish more effectively.
  3. Now that you have focused on your breathing, now change that focus to a phrase that gets your mind in a more repetitive thought pattern. Choose a phrase that you know calms you every time it is said, by someone else or you. My phrase it "IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY, IT'S GOING TO BE OKAY". I think about my mother telling me this when I've gone through my worst of moments and hear her voice verbalizing it. Find what makes you feel the best.
  4. Do these incredibly simple steps for as long as you need to until you begin to detach your emotional weights and find freedom in weightlessness from the anxiety and/or panic that gets inside your beautiful, courage-filled mind.
Remember, it make take a few times to get the hang of this and even to find the wording/phrase that works best, but the mind works with repetitive progressive thought patterns and will react to them the same as long as you let it. This is one of the reasons you may experience these feelings to start with over and over again. The brain recalls distinct patterns, but tricking your mind will then send it back to a normal sense of how it should be reacting.  Retraining the mind will heap majestic rewards.
Let me know if this is something you ended up trying and, more importantly, if itworked for you. 
I love feedback...comments are always welcome!
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