Saturday, August 14, 2010

Does Your Favorite Color Match You?

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These are meanings for colors I'm able to recall from a Spirituality book I read a few years back in college (can't recall the name of it for the life of me). 
The meanings are pretty much uniform/universal, but I thought this was pretty interesting how several people state their favorite color matches their emotional and/or mental being...mine does for sure!

Red: Passionate, Action, Radiance
Yellow: Creative, Powerful, Intellectual
Blue: Expressive, Emotional and Mentally Strong, Stable
Purple: Peace
Orange: Harmonic, Content, Humble
Black: Stability, Courage, Understanding
Green: Nurturing, Adventurous, Nature Oriented
White: Pure, Balance, Full of Life and Love

My Favorite Color is Definitely every type of red there is!
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Enjoy Birth said...

I love purple and I love peace!

sherri said...

Oh my color matches.... I love black!!

Frugal Planner said...

red, yellow and blue (in order) are my favourites.