Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Word IS Opportunity

Design By: Mandy Zadoorian

The very word I have come to embrace the sound is the same so many various individuals miss out or take for granted, some of which deny this word when it comes along each day!

It is the notion of endless possibilities to come and even conquer one‘s fears or doubts they may have once had. The term assists with the rise and perhaps the fall of many changes causing surmountable eruptions within a person of any age, gender, race, background or any common or unique denominator.

This word does not matter who you are, yet it will always keep in mind those seeking out its sometimes effortless potential of success and satisfaction. The achievements it brings are offered for the pure attempts to prove how possible the impossible can become and the how insistent the benefits really are.

The word will facilitate the resignation of the old for the new. This inclines such a major role in our life today and the moments still unforeseen for the future. Don’t misunderstand the light nature that may be perceived, because it only portrays a demand to be credited for its possibilities, not the impossible.   

The word has the ability to alter the course of one day to the next. This word written within the thick pages of our ”English Bible”, if you will, simply does not do justice for those who are empowered by its presence.

This commonly used terminology will not always stay bountiful or be subjected to positive, influential levels of abundance one may thought it would have if accepted for what it was intended for if the initial leap is never taken or hesitated. It will not always wait for those lacking the open arms it desperately requires.

Some even forfeit the nature of its gift without ever knowing what’s to be unraveled if they had just chosen to unwrap its contents to see what was underneath.

As we cannot breathe submerged in water, yet never think twice to take a breath in the open air, this concept too cannot breathe in the midst of those found sinking beneath their hermitage abode, yet will steer quickly and straight towards those who seek its purity and balance.

Moments not given into are the times one misses out on; therefore, maybe in those instances, ignorance potentially is bliss. The true fruition one can honor with an openness maybe never encounter is a serene endeavor to witness. That is what this word can provide to those having the positive perception of acceptance, without ever knowing that, the moment may be lost or distanced.

One may have to travel where the body has never traveled or the eyes have never seen in order to lock in its full and pure capabilities. The person, from that point on, must make their choice to stay upon their new path or just fall dead in its tracks.

All may never quite welcome its greatness, but hopefully one day all will see how “The Word Is Opportunity” that offers everything we need to be positive, loving, charismatic, outspoken, successful, and willing to provoke more surefooted outcomes.

The word is opportunity that gives one the life they demand, deserve and desire. The word is opportunity that provides what one never thought possible. The word is opportunity that leaves the future within the hands of the beholder.

The Word Is Opportunity - You may have it once, hear it once, see it once, but never miss out on its word it can voice to you.

By Mandy Zadoorian

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Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

HI, Mandy! Thank you for commenting on my BlogFrog ive found your great blog! Im following along too and look forward to a great blogging friendship :)

Carrie Cooper said...

Carrie @

Mandy--I just read your email. Thank you so much for your very kind encouragement! You are very sweet and its a great pleasure meeting you.

Mandy Zadoorian, Wannabe Writer said...

Thanks for stopping by Carrie! Glad you like me blog and also hope we can be great blogging buddies! Never knew how many wonderful people I would have the OPPORTUNITY to meet once my blog was built. Now, I can't see myself without such a great resource to making new friends and implementing what I've always loved to do...write, write, write! Finding my true purpose in the world have given me just another reason to be thankful for my life and appreciate what the future has in store for me.

Father Time said...

You are awesome!
Your site is awesome!
Your writing is awesome!
Your spiritual growth is awesome!
Keep up the good work! It's awesome!

Many Blessings!
Father Time

Mandy Zadoorian, Wannabe Writer said...

Thanks you Father Time! Thanks for all your encouragement and the boosts you give to remind me often of why I do what I do...just in case I ever forget, yet even when I'm old, grey, and crawlin' around the floor when I'm pushing 90yrs old, I'll still be doing all I can to help others the same way people like you and so many many more have done for me.

Thank you again to all my readers and the positive comments to keep me motivated each and everyday for each and everyone of you!

I feel so lucky and truly blesses to have so many great new and old friends alike.

Many Blessings,
Mandy Zadoorian
Host-Foundet-Creator of "Improve Life Through Simple Changes"