Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Memory: Attaining Better Quality

Build Your Memory
Build Your Memory

By Anne Ahira

What would you do for a better memory? Better yet what could a better memory do for you? If you could remember the names and faces of clients you have just met, do you think your business might improve? You can bet your spouse would love it if you could just remember their birthday correctly. There are so many applications for good memory it would be impossible to list them all, the question is how do you build your memory.
You start by learning from the best in the country. Ron White (not the comedian) has wowed people all over the world with his unique ability to remember all kinds of things. At a conference he called off the names of 80 people he had just met that evening and pointed them out as he did so garnering cheers all the way around. What he can do, you can do as well with the right training. In fact, you can improve your memory to the point that you can memorize a 40 digit number in minutes, recall names and faces after simply glancing at them and even memorize an entire magazine page by page! Sound like science fiction? It's not!
Part of the key to this kind of rapid memorization is learning the proper way to utilize association. Ron demonstrated this process on live television when he memorized the order of a deck of cards in minutes. The great news is you can build your memory in much the same manner he does, with the right tools. Picture a world where you can remember all of your appointments in order after glancing at them once! What if you could memorize chapters of books? You could wow your friends and loved ones with ability like this.
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